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Journal of Oncology Research

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Vol. 4 , Iss. 2 (July 2022)


  • Transfer Factor of Heavy Metals due to Mining Activities in Plateau State, Nigeria (Health Implications on the Inhabitants)

    J. Waida, U. Ibrahim, N. G. Goki, S. D. Yusuf, Rilwan Loko Usman

    Article ID: 4490
    112  (Abstract) 27  (Download)


    Accumulation of heavy metals in agricultural soils is instigated by industrial and other human activities such as mining, smelting, cement-pollution, energy and fuel production, power transmission, traffic activities, intensive agriculture, sludge dumping and melting operations. Plants received heavy metals from soils through ionic exchange, redox reactions, precipitation-dissolution, and so on. Which implies that the... More

  • Health Effects of Radiation Exposure to Human Sensitive Organs Across Some Selected

    Rilwan Loko Usman, J. Waida, U. Ibrahim, N. G. Goki, S. D. Yusuf

    Article ID: 4469
    103  (Abstract) 28  (Download)


    The interaction of ionizing radiation with human body, either from external sources (i.e. outside the body) or from internal contamination of the body by radioactive substances, leads to biological effects which may later show up as clinical symptoms. The nature and severity of these symptoms and the time at which they appear depend on... More

  • Relationship between D90 and D100 with Biochemical and Local Failure in Low-risk Prostate Cancer Treated with Low-rate Brachytherapy (LDR)

    Marta Dominguez Morcillo, Carmen Ibáñez Villoslada, Joaquín Navarro Castellón, Paula Sáez Bueno, Eliseo Carrasco Esteban, Andrea Matas Escamillas, Zigor Zalabarría Zarrabeitia, María Concepción López Carrizosa

    Article ID: 4721
    60  (Abstract) 26  (Download)


    Low dose rate brachytherapy (LDR) is an accepted, effective treatment with few local side effects, used as monotherapy in patients with low-risk prostate cancer (PC). The aim of this paper is to analyse 245 patients treated with LDR in the Radiation Oncology Department of the Hospital Gómez Ulla, from 2004 to 2016, evaluating the relationship... More