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Journal of Oncology Research

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Vol. 4 , Iss. 1 (January 2022)


  • Abound Hepatic Mitosis: Unusual Morphology in the Intrahepatic Cholelithiasis Patient

    Yunjun Wang, Lei Jiang, Xiumei Wang, Qingxian Huang, Shishou Wu, Ying Yin, Jun Wang, Xubo Pan, Guohua Yu

    Article ID: 3736
    190  (Abstract) 60  (Download)


    To explore the clinicopathological features of abound mitosis of the hepatocytes in intrahepatic cholelithiasis. The clinicopathological data of one case diagnosed as intrahepatic cholelithiasis was collected from Yantai Yuhuangding Hospital and the clinicopathological characters were discussed. A 68-year-old man suffered from the pain in the right upper quadrant and radiology showed multiple stones in... More

  • Assessment on Radiation Hazard Indices from Selected Dumpsites in Lafia Metropolis, Nasarawa State, Nigeria

    Bello Aisha Ademoh, Usman Rilwan, Musa Yusuf

    Article ID: 3840
    179  (Abstract) 83  (Download)


    This research reports an assessment of ionizing radiation in some chosen Dumpsites in Lafia Local government area of Nasarawa State. Ionizing radiation measurement was conducted at four Dump sites. The survey was done using a radiation survey meter (Radex one Outdoor 55130719 NA). Radiation exposure rate in micro sievert per hour (μSvhr-1) was measured.... More

  • Identification of Medical and Industrial Used Radioisotopes in Mining Sites of Nasarawa, Nasarawa State, Nigeria

    Rilwan Loko Usman, Umar Ibrahim, Samson Dauda Yusuf, Idris Muhammad Mustapha, Emmanuel Ifeanyi Ugwu, Olatunji Samuel Ayanninuola

    Article ID: 3635
    169  (Abstract) 51  (Download)


    This research intends to unveil the presence of radioisotopes in the soil of some mining sites in Nasarawa of Nasarawa state using thermos-scientific interceptor (IdentiFINDER). The work aimed at detecting the presence, types and trust level of radioisotopes. The result showed that, 103Pd and 125I were found in 57% of the total points and... More


  • Potential Phytochemicals for Cancer Treatment: A Review

    Sa’adatu M. Ibrahim, Muhammad Ali, Fauziyya Aminu, Lurwan Mu’azu

    Article ID: 3656
    195  (Abstract) 56  (Download)


    Today, cancer had been described as one of the deadliest diseases worldwide. It has been estimated that cancer causes about 9.9 million deaths in the year 2020. The conventional treatment for the disease involves single chemotherapy or a combination of mono-chemotherapy and or a combination of mono-chemotherapy and radiotherapy. However, there are negative sides... More

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