Special Issue: Polymer Composites Applications in Oil and Gas Sector

This special issue is focused on collecting articles regarding polymer composites applications in oil and gas sector which is a leading research area. NMMS is committed to facilitating the communication of high-quality studies in this field.

Guest Editors

Dr. Muhammad Imran Rashid

Hafiz Mudaser Ahmad


Special issue information:

Polymer composites have many applications in the oil and gas sector where it is used as an additive in the preparation of smart fluids. The smart fluids in the oil and gas sector are used as drilling aids in the drilling process of wellbore and enhanced oil recovery process. Polymer composites prepared by a combination of water-soluble polymer and carbon nanotubes improve the rheology, filtration, and shale inhibition properties of drilling fluids. Polymer nanocomposite synthesis by solution polymerization technique will also be covered in this special issue. Recent advancements in polymer nanocomposites improving thermal stability, rheological properties, filtration properties, and shale inhibition properties will be covered.

Keywords: Polymer; nano composites; smart fluids; rheology; thermal properties; drilling aid

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Final Submission deadline: 30 June 2024

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