Intelligent robust control of redun-dant smart robotic arm Pt II: Quantum computing KB optimizer


  • Sergey Victorovich Ulyanov Dubna State University



In the first part of the article, two ways of fuzzy controller’s implementation showed. First way applied one controller for all links of the manipulator and showed the best performance. However, such an implementation is not possible in complex control objects, such as a planar redundant manipulator with seven degrees of freedom (DoF). The second way use of separated control when an independent fuzzy controller controls each link. The decomposition control due to a slight decrease in the quality of management has greatly simplified the processes of creating and placing knowledge bases. In this paper (Part II), the advantages and limitations of intelligent control systems based on soft computing technology described. To eliminate the mismatch of the work of separate independent fuzzy controllers, methods for self-organizing coordination control based on quantum computing technologies to create and design robust intelligent control systems for robotic manipulators with 3DOF and 7DOF described. Quantum fuzzy inference as quantum self-organization algorithm of imperfect KBs introduced. Quantum computational intelligence smart toolkit QCOptKBTMbased on quantum fuzzy inference applied. QCOptKBTM toolkit include quantum deep machine learning in on line. Successful engineering application of end-to-end quantum computing information technologies (as quantum sophisticated algorithms and quantum programming) in searching of solutions of algorithmic unsolved problems in classical dynamic intelligent control systems, artificial intelligence (AI) and intelligent cognitive robotics discussed. Quantum computing supremacy in efficient solution of intractable classical tasks as global robustness of redundant robotic manipulator in unpredicted control situations demonstrated. As result, the new synergetic self-organization information effect of robust KB design from responses of imperfect KBs (partial KB robustness cretead on toolkit SCOptKBTM in Pat I) fined.


quantum computing supremacy, quantum-classical correlation, knowledge base self-organization, fuzzy controller, quantum fuzzy inference


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