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Artificial Intelligence Advances

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Vol. 3 , Iss. 2 (October 2021)

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    A New Approach of Intelligent Data Retrieval Paradigm

    Falah Al-akashi, Diana Inkpen

    Article ID: 3219    DOI:
    418  (Abstract) 148  (Download)


    What is a real time agent, how does it remedy ongoing daily frustrations for users, and how does it improve the retrieval performance in World Wide Web? These are the main question we focus on this manuscript. In many distributed information retrieval systems, information in agents should be ranked based on a combination of... More

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    Quantum Algorithm of Imperfect KB Self-organization Pt I: Smart Control-Information-Thermodynamic Bounds

    Sergey Victorovich Ulyanov

    Article ID: 3171    DOI:
    452  (Abstract) 154  (Download)

    Abstract: The quantum self-organization algorithm model of wise knowledge base design for intelligent fuzzy controllers with required robust level considered. Background of the model is a new model of quantum inference based on quantum genetic algorithm. Quantum genetic algorithm applied on line for the quantum correlation’s type searching between unknown solutions in quantum superposition of imperfect... More

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    Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs) Challenges with Nonmotorized Amenities Environments

    Febronie Nambajemariya, Yongshun Wang, Twizerane Jean D’Amour, Kwizera Niyigena Vincent DePaul, Yao Hu

    Article ID: 3651    DOI:
    441  (Abstract) 146  (Download)

    Abstract: With the deployment of Connected and Automated Vehicles in the coming decades, road transportation will experience a significant upheaval. CAVs (Connected and Autonomous Vehicles) have been a main emphasis of Transportation and the automotive sector, and the future of transportation system analysis is widely anticipated. The examination and future development of CAVs technology has been... More

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    Quantum Algorithm of Imperfect KB Self-organization. Pt II: Robotic Control with Remote Knowledge Base Exchange

    A.G. Reshetnikov, S.V. Ulyanov

    Article ID: 3849    DOI:
    407  (Abstract) 129  (Download)


    The technology of knowledge base remote design of the smart fuzzy controllers with the application of the "Soft / quantum computing optimizer" toolkit software developed. The possibility of the transmission and communication the knowledge base using remote connection to the control object considered. Transmission and communication of the fuzzy controller’s knowledge bases implemented... More

  • Editorial

    Learning in AI Processor

    Xinhua Wang, Weikang Wu

    Article ID: 3878    DOI:
    425  (Abstract) 151  (Download)


    AI processor, which can run artificial intelligence algorithms, is a state-of-the-art accelerator,in essence, to perform special algorithm in various applications. In particular,these are four AI applications: VR/AR smartphone games, high-performance computing, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and IoT. Deep learning using convolutional neural networks (CNNs) involves embedding intelligence into applications to perform tasks and has achieved... More