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Artificial Intelligence Advances

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Vol. 1 , Iss. 1 (April 2019)


  • To Perform Road Signs Recognition for Autonomous Vehicles Using Cascaded Deep Learning Pipeline

    Riadh Ayachi, Yahia ElFahem Said, Mohamed Atri

    Article ID: 569
    990  (Abstract) 118  (Download)

    Autonomous vehicle is a vehicle that can guide itself without human conduction. It is capable of sensing its environment and moving with little or no human input. This kind of vehicle has become a concrete reality and may pave the way for future systems where computers take over the art of driving. Advanced artificial...

  • GFLIB: an Open Source Library for Genetic Folding Solving Optimization Problems

    Mohammad A. Mezher

    Article ID: 608
    312  (Abstract) 49  (Download)

    This paper aims at presenting GFLIB, a Genetic Folding MATLAB toolbox for supervised learning problems. In essence, the goal of GFLIB is to build a concise model of supervised learning, and a free open source MATLAB toolbox for performing classification and regression. The GFLIB is specifically designed for most of the traditionally used features, to evolve in applications...

  • Quantum Fast Algorithm Computational Intelligence PT I: SW / HW Smart Toolkit

    Sergey Victorovich Ulyanov

    Article ID: 619
    548  (Abstract) 125  (Download)

    A new approach to a circuit implementation design of quantum algorithm gates for quantum massive parallel fast computing implementation is presented. The main attention is focused on the development of design method of fast quantum algorithm operators as superposition, entanglement and interference which are in general time-consuming operations due to the number of products that...

  • A Novel Dataset For Intelligent Indoor Object Detection Systems

    Mouna Afif, Riadh Ayachi, Yahia said, Edwige Pissaloux, Mohamed Atri

    Article ID: 925
    1036  (Abstract) 181  (Download)

    Indoor Scene understanding and indoor objects detection is a complex high-level task for automated systems applied to natural environments. Indeed, such a task requires huge annotated indoor images to train and test intelligent computer vision applications. One of the challenging questions is to adopt and to enhance technologies to assist indoor navigation for visually...


  • Architecture of a Commercialized Search Engine Using Mobile Agents

    Falah Hassan Ali Al-akashi

    Article ID: 688
    352  (Abstract) 43  (Download)

    Shopping Search Engine (SSE) implies a unique challenge for validating distinct items available online in market place. For sellers, having a user finding relevant search results on top is very difficult. Buyers tend to click on and buy from the listings which appear first. Search engine optimization devotes that goal to influence such...