Representing Increasing Virtual Machine Security Strategy in Cloud Computing Computations


  • Mohammad Shirzadi Department of Computer Engineering, Parand branch, Islamic Azad University of Tehran, IRAN



This paper proposes algorithm for Increasing Virtual Machine Security Strategy in Cloud Computing computations. Imbalance between load and energy has been one of the disadvantages of old methods in providing server and hosting, so that if two virtual severs be active on a host and energy load be more on a host, it would allocated the energy of other hosts (virtual host) to itself to stay steady and this option usually leads to hardware overflow errors and users dissatisfaction. This problem has been removed in methods based on cloud processing but not perfectly, therefore,providing an algorithm not only will implement a suitable security background but also it will suitably divide energy consumption and load balancing among virtual severs. The proposed algorithm is compared with several previously proposed Security Strategy including SC-PSSF, PSSF and DEEAC. Comparisons show that the proposed method offers high performance computing, efficiency and consumes lower energy in the network.


Cloud computing; High performance computing; Automation; Security; Server


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