Publishing Ethics

Bilingual Publishing Group follows COPE’s Principles of Transparency and Best Practice in Scholarly Publishing,and follows the recommendations and policies related to research and publication ethics developed by COPE.

Author Ethical Standards:

  1. Clear authorship

At the time of submission, whether the list of authors includes all the eligible authors of the article (in the correct order), and reach consensus with all co-authors on the journal and the time of submission. (For Authorship please see the detailed policy)

  1. Avoid plagiarism (and self-plagiarism)

Check if the article correctly quotes yourself or someone else's work. Not only that, the authors also need permission from the copyright owner to publish any previously published content (including quotations, numbers or forms)

  1. Statement all interests

Confirm for using the data collected by others, and ensure that you have the right to use them. Also, if the data analysis is involved by any other statistician, make sure to affirm this in your acknowledgements. Disclosure at submission of any facts that may be treated as a conflict of interest.

  1. Avoid writing more than one draft

Consubmission to multiple journals is not allowed.

Original research work must be novel and has not been previously published.

This list is not exhaustive, and authors should be aware of local regulations and accepted norms within academic publishing.

Allegations of misconduct

The editors of Bilingual Publishing Group are responsible for ensuring the academic integrity of the articles published in the journal, and any misconduct takes all necessary actions according to the COPE guidelines.The misconduct includes (but is not limited to):


Falsification of research, data fabrication

Affiliation misrepresentation

Submit to multiple journals simultaneously

Breaches in copyright/use of third-party material without appropriate permissions

Undisclosed competing interests

Unethical research


Handling Complaints and Appeals

The journal’s policy is primarily to safeguard the rights of authors, reviewers, editors and publishers, and to adhere strictly to the publication ethics. If you need to make a complaint or appeal, please contact us by email. We will handle the complaints and appeals in accordance with the relevant regulations by COPE: