Journal of Building Material Science provides an international platform for the development of innovative research in the field of building materials, and the journal is dedicated to the insightful investigation and innovative use of materials in building operations. Journal of Building Material Science publishes detailed case studies and review articles, as well as short communications and discussions.

The scope of Journal of Building Material Science includes, but is not restricted to, all types of building materials used in architecture and construction such as:

  • Steel
  • Composite materials
  • Concrete
  • Green building materials
  • Innovative materials in construction and civil engineering
  • New building material technology
  • Building material engineering technology
  • Building material testing technology
  • Building decoration materials
  • Building material production and management

Vol. 5 , Iss. 1 (February 2023): In progress


  • Experimental Study and Fragility Analysis of Effective-Length Factors in Column Buckling

    Brannan Shepherd, Tadeh Zirakian

    Article ID: 5432
    0  (Abstract) 15  (Download)

    The design of columns relies heavily on the basis of Leonhard Euler's Theory of Elastic Buckling. However, to increase the accuracy in determining the maximum critical load a column can withstand before buckling, a constant was introduced. This dimensionless coefficient is K, also known as the effective-length factor. This constant is often found in building...

  • Novel Proposal of Bio-based Sewing Timber Joint: Learning from Diatoms

    Mauricio Díaz Valdés, Melisa Gálvez Bohórquez

    Article ID: 5299
    343  (Abstract) 12  (Download)
    The twenty-first century is one of the most complex in the history of humanity, mainly due to the ecological crisisit is going through. The construction sector generates about 40% of CO2 emissions into the environment; the foregoingshould motivate this sector to seek new alternatives to develop new building practices. Taking these current needs intoaccount, this...


  • Challenges and Trends for Multifunctional Materials

    Ying Huang, Xingyu Wang

    Article ID: 5521
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    Materials science is the study of materials, their properties and their applications. As the rapid development of material science, materials tend to approach multifunctionality. Multifunctional materials are designed to perform multiple responsibilities through prudent combinations of different functional capabilities. Typically, each function contributes a distinct physical or chemical process that can deliver system-level improvements beyond the...

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