AC Impedance and FTIR Studies of PVA-ZnCl2 Based Solid Polymer Electrolytes


  • Jayanthi S The Standard Fireworks Rajaratnam College for Women (Autonomous), Sivakasi, 626123, India



Solid Polymer electrolytes (SPEs) comprising of poly(vinyl alcohol) (PVA)added Zinc chloride (ZnCl2) systems have been prepared via solvent castingtechnique. The prepared samples have been subjected to AC impedancespectroscopic analysis and Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR)studies. Maximum ionic conductivity of 3.91949*10-7 Scm-1 was achievedfor 60 wt% of PVA and 40wt% of ZnCl2 system at room temperature.The structural changes and hence the complex formation between theconstituents used in the present study has been confirmed through FTIRanalysis.


Complexation; FTIR; Ionic conductivity; Polymer electrolytes


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