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Organic Polymer Material Research

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Vol. 2 , Iss. 1 (June 2020)

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    Investigation of Wooden Beam Behaviors Reinforced with Fiber Reinforced Polymers


    Article ID: 1783    DOI:
    466  (Abstract) 128  (Download)


    Wood material can be demolished over time due to different environmental factors. Structural elements may need to be strengthened over time as a result of possible natural disasters or during use. Beams are elements under load in the direction perpendicular to their axes. Therefore, they are basically under the effect of bending. When the studies... More

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    A new study on the superplasticity of TiAl alloys

    Run Xu, Boyong Hur

    Article ID: 1869    DOI:
    234  (Abstract) 84  (Download)


    The superplasticity of Ti-46.7Al-2.2Cr(at.%) alloy was studied by mathematical induction. It is found that Zener Hollomon relative formula and there are serious deflections. According to the true superplastic stress and true strain curves, the deflection values of n=-7.46 and B=1439MPa are obtained, indicating that the limit of n>0 has been exceeded, which needs to be characterized by a... More

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    Study on Microstructure and Properties of Pure Ti flat Wire

    Bojian Wang, Xiaochen Ge, Qiang Liu

    Article ID: 1880    DOI:
    223  (Abstract) 72  (Download)


    The titanium round wires could be prepared to the high precision flat wires
    with the sizes of 0.63mm×5.03mm by nine-pass cold continuous rolling
    process.Mechanical property and metallograph analysis were used to ana
    lyze the possibilities of preparing flat wire. Results show that the grain kept
    equiaxed grain in the rolling processes,and a large number of dislocation
    and a small amount... More

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    An Inquiry into the Application and Preparation of Surfactant in Oil Field

    Lijun Xu, Pengzhen Wang, Zhiwei Zheng, Zhenshan Yuan, Xu Zhang

    Article ID: 2158    DOI:
    210  (Abstract) 85  (Download)


    As a commonly used chemical agent, surfactant is used to improve the efficiency of oil-and-gas exploitation. Since the conventional surfactant technology fails to meet the requirements of oil-and-gas resources exploitation currently, this paper deeply researches on the studies of cutting-edge technology of oil-and-gas exploitation, and learns the advanced experience from foreign countries. It aims to... More