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Organic Polymer Material Research

ISSN: 2661-3875 (Online)

Vol. 4 , Iss. 1 (June 2022)



  • Chitosan-based Nanosystems as Drug Carriers

    R. Yu. Milusheva, S. Sh. Rashidova

    Article ID: 4644
    143  (Abstract) 18  (Download)
    The formation and application of polymeric nanomaterials is great demandin science, industry, biotechnology, and medicine due to the possibility ofachieving a significant improvement in the physicochemical, mechanical,and barrier properties of polymers and using them as drug carriers andfillers, which is especially promising for biodegradable polymers such aschitosan and their derivatives. The article presents methods for...
  • A Brief Review on Fundamentals of Conductive Polymer (CPs)

    Subhadeep Chakraborty, Rahul Chatterjee, Abhijit Bandyopadhyay

    Article ID: 4395
    333  (Abstract) 113  (Download)
    Polymers are huge compounds made up of numerous monomers (repeatedsubunits). They have similar macro and micro properties, as well aselectrical transport qualities, semiconductive capabilities, and opticalfeatures. With the advent of conductive polyacetylene, conductivepolymers have gotten a lot of interest. These conductors have a wide rangeof electrical conductivity, which may be produced by doping, while beingmechanically...