A New Mode of Enterprise Management--Value Enterprise Management


  • Yan Chen Zhengzhou Visual Group Market Research Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou, Henan, 450014, China




In the development of modern enterprises, the management mode is the main factor that determines the height of its development, so it is highly valued.The traditional management mode has many disadvantages, which can not comply with the development trend of the current market economy, which leads to the slow improvement of enterprise management level, which is not conducive to the operation and development of enterprises. The proposal of the concept of value-oriented enterprise management has become a new mode of enterprise management, which is helpful to speed up the reform process of enterprises and enhance their development vitality. Therefore, we should clarify the key points of the construction of the model and gradually improve the level of management. This paper analyzes the concept of value enterprise management, puts forward the application status and classification of value enterprise management model, and explores the construction strategy of value enterprise management model.


Value enterprise management, New model, Application


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