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Journal of Management Science & Engineering Research

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Vol. 1 , Iss. 1 (September 2018)


  • An Advanced Simple Method for Generating Synthetic Average Instant Hourly Solar Energy

    Can Coskun, Zuhal Oktay

    Article ID: 284
    479  (Abstract) 87  (Download)


    The main objective of this study is to generate accurate synthetic hourly solar radiation data by using an easily accessible open source data. In this regard, a new approach is proposed for estimation of synthetic hourly global solar radiation during the day by utilizing only annual solar energy data. First time in literature, a model... More

  • Chinese Journals' Chief Editors Should Enhance Their Response Rate to Authors

    Jianjun Cao, Xiaofang Zhang

    Article ID: 74
    437  (Abstract) 62  (Download)

    Abstract: Chief editors are the souls of journals, and can guarantee a journal's success by enhancing the efficiency of the manuscript submission and publication process through promptness and speedy response rates to authors. In this study, a total of 867 international journals—indexed by Science Citation Index, Social Sciences Citation Index, and Arts & Humanities Citation Index,... More

  • Prediction of Formation Pressure Gradients of NC98 Field-Sirte Basin-Libya

    Ahmed Tunnish, Mohammed Nasr, Mahmoud Salem

    Article ID: 346
    417  (Abstract) 73  (Download)


    The prediction of formation pore pressure and fracture pressure gradients is a significant step towards the drilling plan. In this study, the formation pressures of twelve wells from NC98 field-Sirte Basin (Waha Oil Company) were calculated by employing empirical methods, Eaton's equations, that depend on the real drilling and well-logging data. Regarding the results, the... More

  • Cost Estimation for Modernization of Metro Terminal Stations Using ANN Technique

    Ahmed Abdelmoamen Khalil, M. Abdel Rahman

    Article ID: 207
    414  (Abstract) 4  (Download)


    The current situation of Cairo metro stations, especially terminal stations and its surrounding areas, has bad financial revenue and bad effect on environment. It is a major factor in increasing of noise, traffic jam and air pollution, in addition to, spreading of street vendors, collecting of random parking around these terminal stations. Thus, this paper... More

  • Effect of Aromatic Ring, Cation, and Anion Types of Ionic Liquids on Heavy Oil Recovery

    Ahmed Tunnish, Amr Henni, Ezeddin Shirif

    Article ID: 383
    345  (Abstract) 59  (Download)


    Surfactant/alkali flooding is one of the best chemical flooding methods to enhance the oil Recovery Factor (RF). In this research, Ionic Liquid/Alkali (ILA) mixtures were chosen to represent a form of chemical flooding experiments. The selected Ionic Liquids (ILs), {[EMIM][Cl], [THTDPH][Cl], [EMIM][Ac], [BzMIM][Cl], [DMIM][Cl], [BzMIM][TOS], [dMIM][TOS] and [MPyr][TOS]}, were introduced to investigate their efficiency in... More