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Journal of Management Science & Engineering Research

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Vol. 5 , Iss. 1 (March 2022)




  • The Basic Layout of a Denim Textile Industry: A Basic Review

    Md. Touhidul Islam, Md. Nahid Hassan

    Article ID: 4068
    452  (Abstract) 84  (Download)


    Denim was produced in the city of Nîmes in France and was originally called the serge de Nîmes. The word denim is an English colloquialism of the French term: “denim.” Day by day Bangladesh denim sector very much developed and helps to increase productivity. Bangladesh have seen a significant increase in investing in denim fabric... More

Case Report

  • Application of Management Accounting in Company Sustainability

    Weiru Sun

    Article ID: 4444
    193  (Abstract) 34  (Download)


    This report illustrates how management accounting can be used in helping an organization reach sustainability by applying four main tools in management accounting to a dairy company. These tools are LifeCycle Analysis, Identification of Relevant Costs, Activity-Based Costing (ABC) System and Balancing Score Card, all of which can help qualify and consequently quantify the various... More