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Journal of Management Science & Engineering Research

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Vol. 4 , Iss. 2 (September 2021)


  • Predictive Model to Evaluate Accommodation of Conflict Management Strategies and Board Performance of Oil and Gas Companies in Port Harcourt

    Eluozo S.N., Ukpong Uwem Johnson, Eluozo S.

    Article ID: 2946
    300  (Abstract) 59  (Download)

    Abstract: This paper evaluates accommodation of conflict management strategies and board performances in oil and gas sector. The study details the reflection of effectiveness, efficiency and productivity as the answer to thorough efficiency in accommodation of conflict management in oil and gas sector, these parameters in the system express their efficacy on conflict management in these... More

  • Impacts and Possible Responses Related to COVID-19 in the Textile and Apparel Industry of Bangladesh

    Tareque Rahaman, Tarekul Islam

    Article ID: 3166
    574  (Abstract) 89  (Download)


    This research work was intended to analyze the unleashed issues related to apparel trade during COVID-19 pandemic & made an attempt to find the best possible responses to uphold marketing campaigns during & after the pandemic situation. Apparel industries in Asia, the largest global hub of both the textile & apparel import-export trade have been... More

  • Identification of the Profile of Vulnerable Population to Elaborate Efficient Employment Strategy: Proposition of a Quantitative-creative Approach

    Jênifer Ribeiro Dona, Istefani Carisio de Paula, Alceu Terra do Nascimento, Aline Cafruni Gularte

    Article ID: 3336
    223  (Abstract) 8  (Download)


    Brazilian public managers have been structuring and updating policies to support workers’ employment and income strategies. However, when the vulnerable individual has social, emotional, or technical limitations, success in this operation becomes uncertain. This research aim was to propose a methodology to identify profiles in vulnerable populations, viewing to promote the efficient elaboration... More

  • Managing New PV Plant Connection to Available Grids to Stay within Standard Limits with a Case Study

    Ehsan Najafi, Amin Mirzaei, Mahdi Rezvanyvardom, Mahdi Zolfaghar

    Article ID: 3300
    329  (Abstract) 36  (Download)


    PV plants are increasing all over the world and they are becoming a distinct part of electric grids. Due to abundance of solar irradiation and almost constant amount of it in certain geographical latitudes, selection of proper capacity of PV plants depends mostly on available places for the site. In this paper, important measures for... More

  • Inventory Management and Demand Forecasting Improvement of a Forecasting Model Based on Artificial Neural Networks

    Cisse Sory Ibrahima, Jianwu Xue, Thierno Gueye

    Article ID: 3242
    360  (Abstract) 7  (Download)

    Abstract: Forecasting is predicting or estimating a future event or trend. Supply chains have been constantly growing in most countries ever since the industrial revolution of the 18th century. As the competitiveness between supply chains intensifies day by day, companies are shifting their focus to predictive analytics techniques to minimize costs and boost productivity and profits.... More

  • A Study on an Extensive Hierarchical Model for Demand Forecasting of Automobile Components

    Cisse Sory Ibrahima, Jianwu Xue, Thierno Gueye

    Article ID: 3261
    231  (Abstract) 7  (Download)

    Abstract: Demand forecasting and big data analytics in supply chain management are gaining interest. This is attributed to the wide range of big data analytics in supply chain management, in addition to demand forecasting, and behavioral analysis. In this article, we studied the application of big data analytics forecasting in supply chain demand forecasting in the... More

  • Stabilization of Expansive Soil Using Biomedical Waste Incinerator Ash

    Asefachew Belete Tseganeh, Henok Fikre Geberegziabher, Ayele Tesema Chala

    Article ID: 3707
    760  (Abstract) 12  (Download)


    Expansive soils undergo high volume change due to cyclic swelling and shrinkage behavior during the wet and dry seasons. Thus, such problematic soils should be completely avoided or properly treated when encountered as subgrade materials. In the present study, the biomedical waste incinerator ash and lime combination was proposed to stabilize expansive soil. Particle... More