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Journal of Sustainable Business and Economics

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Vol. 6 , Iss. 1 (January 2023)


  • Mobile Banking and Commercial Bank Performance Nexus in Zimbabwe (2011-2021): Impact and Implications

    Shepard Makurumidze, Dorcas Rwodzi

    Article ID: 5549
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    The study investigated mobile banking and commercial banks’ performance nexus in Zimbabwe for the period 2011-2021. The investigation employed a pragmatic approach and a descriptive design. Primary data as well as secondary data were used to achieve the study objectives. Questionnaires, interviews and documentary guides were used to collect primary and secondary data respectively. There...

  • An Analysis of the COVID-19 Consequences on the Uncertainty Socio-economic Indicators of Sub-Saharan Africa

    Gatera Etienne

    Article ID: 5533
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    This study aims to investigate the main sectors of economic development before and the current situation of COVID-19 for Sub-Saharan African countries by demonstrating country experiences, the role of vaccines, and the SSA economy forecast. The study has four main sections, including an introduction, an overview of socioeconomic indicators before the pandemic, methods, results findings,...