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Journal of Sustainable Business and Economics

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Vol. 5 , Iss. 2 (April 2022)


  • Critical Factors in Promoting Sustainable Innovation in Bahrain

    Ahmed Al-Ansari, Hassan Al Mohsen, Christine (Noor) Coutts

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    Despite many initiatives to help foster innovation over the last decade, Bahrain has yet to realise its full potential, indicated by low levels of published research, patent registrations, and entrepreneurial activities. The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the importance of sustainable innovation for economic recovery. This study aimed to identify the critical factors needed to stimulate innovation,...

  • Analysis and Investigation on the Core Competitiveness of Textile and Underwear Industry in the Mainland and Taiwan of China and Myanmar under the Global Value Chain

    Haichao Wu, Lan Luo, Yingshan Zeng, Rudan Wang, Yue Zhang, Chien Chi Chu

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    All the way in the “area”, “comprehensive economic partnership agreement” (RCEP), Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) free trade area, the main economic corridor construction under the background of success, the mainland and Taiwan of China and southeast Asia has established the important relations of cooperation, industries are beginning to consider labor costs, raw materials,...

  • Exploring the Perception of Job Quality among Banking Professionals: The Case of a Small Island Developing State

    Soolakshna D Lukea-Bhiwajee, Priya Devi Gunesh

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    The purpose of this study was to explore the perception of the Mauritian banking sector (MBS) professionals on job quality with respect to their current jobs using the OECD Framework (2015). It attempts to fill an existing gap in the Job Quality literature by providing empirical evidence on job quality in the banking sector in...

  • Promotion Standards and Practices across the Business Cycle: Evidence from Korea

    Vladimir Hlasny

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    Korean employers notoriously practice seniority-based personnel management, rather than one prioritizing workers’ skills or performance, and this has changed only slowly amid the evolving business landscape and advancing labor standards. This study contributes to understanding this phenomenon by assessing Korean firms’ promotion criteria and practices over the past decade across distinct phases of industry business...

  • Sensitivity of Crude Oil Price Change to Major Global Factors and to Russian–Ukraine War Crisis

    Ibrahim A. Onour, Mai M. Abdo

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    To assess the elasticity of crude oil price to global factors related to supply of crude oil and the US dollar exchange rate, the authors employed nonlinear models including flexible least squares, and maximum likelihood estimator, in addition to OLS regression mode; using yearly data from 1965 to 2021. The findings indicate change in oil...