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Journal of Sustainable Business and Economics

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Vol. 5 , Iss. 3 (July 2022)


  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Consumers’ Reaction: An Experiment

    Adriana C. Ribeiro, Margarida Catalão-Lopes, Ana S. Costa

    Article ID: 5555
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    Companies differ in their motivation to corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices, with some companies taking a genuine, altruistic approach and others preferring an opportunistic approach (and attempting to mimic the former). If consumers can distinguish them, they will eventually reward the altruistic (being willing to pay more) and penalize the opportunistic ones. This paper performs... More

  • Commercial Banks Responses toward Small and Medium Enterprises Survival in the Context of the COVID-19 in Africa

    Annstellah Gakii, Karoli Kolokonyi, Romano Miceni

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    The African government has implemented measures to sustain an investable economic downturn as it navigates the fiscal effect of the viral spread of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). Consequently, commercial banks in Africa have come hand in hand toward support of SMEs activities by increasing their borrowing power and reducing interest rates. Despite all these measures... More

  • Effect of Digital and Financial Awareness of Household Womens on the Use of Fin-Tech in India: Observing the Relation with (Utaut) Model

    Uma Shankar Yadav, Ravindra Tripathi, Mano Ashish Tripathi

    Article ID: 5558
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    Era of COVID-19 resulted in contactless transactions and extensive use of technological applications. Similar was the case of Fin-Tech which has extensively been used by consumers all around the globe for making transactions and other financial and economic needs. Although there is a lack of research to reflect these forms of evidence from the developing... More

  • Digital Media as a Game-Changer in B2B Buyer-Vendor Relationships

    Werner Krings, Roger Palmer, Michael J Harrison, Alessandro Inversini

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    Purpose: The article examines the role of digital and, in particular, social media in business-to-business marketing in the international software industry. The authors responded to calls for empirical research on how these media impact buyer-vendor relationships and the conjunction of the marketing and sales processes, particularly the distribution of complex software solutions. This paper develops a... More

  • Taxation in a Decentralized Value Added Tax Regime: Implications for States in Nigeria

    Sani Alfred Ilemona, Sunday Nwite

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    The study examined the implication of a decentralized Value Added Tax system for states in Nigeria. It is a theoretical presentation that made is made of journals, articles, and data from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) accessed on Google Scholar Websites. A total of eighty (80) articles were accessed. Results from a theoretical review... More