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Journal of Sustainable Business and Economics

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Vol. 5 , Iss. 1 (January 2022)


  • The Impact of E-commerce on Consumer Purchasing Behavior for the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

    Md. Abdul Halim

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    The purpose of this study is to evaluate how COVID-19 is changing consumer behavior and how it is changing e-commerce trends. This study has been conducted through a qualitative approach. The Coronavirus changed worldwide patterns intensively. These differences are caused by the high levels of accidental and secondary funding that this virus reflects. This study... More

  • Increasing Efficiency through Tokenization of Digital Assets in an Exporting Company 4.0

    José Antonio Trigueros Pina, Napoleón B. Alegre Poma

    Article ID: 5570
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    Digital assets have been introduced to the global market as one of the innovations with the potential. Even though their impact on the traditional economy is impossible to measure. Security tokens (ST) are the ones that stand out due to the preference they have from producers and consumers. The former obtains financial resources efficiently for... More

  • Sustainability Reporting Based on GRI Indicators

    Md. Al Amin, Md. Razaul Islam, Md. Abdul Halim

    Article ID: 5568
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    Every company wants to make a profit in the short run but doesn’t think about the long run. The environment and human resources are used by the companies but eventually, they will react in a repugnant way. The environment is being polluted every day and it is a threat to human life as well as... More


Short Communications

  • A Study of the Guidelines for the Planning and Design of Circular Buildings

    Anpi Chang, Anqi Wang

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    Circular building is one of the key turning points in the movement of the construction industry towards sustainable development. It is a “circulation” and “human” idea aimed at balancing the construction and design of the residential environment with the responsibility and values of environmental resources and ecology. This study was focused on the formulation of... More