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Journal of Environmental & Earth Sciences

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Vol. 4 , Iss. 2 (October 2022)


  • Quantum Biophysics of the Atmosphere: Asymmetric Wavelets of the Average Annual Air Temperature of Irkutsk for 1820-2019

    Mazurkin Peter Matveevich

    Article ID: 4586
    519  (Abstract) 98  (Download)


    The regularities of the dynamics of the average annual temperature of Irkutsk from 1820 to 2019 were revealed. It is proposed to use the sum of temperatures. However, this indicator requires the continuity of the dynamic series, so for Irkutsk the sum of temperatures could be accepted only from 1873. The first three terms of... More

  • Vegetation Changes in Alberta Oil Sands, Canada, Based on Remotely Sensed Data from 1995 to 2020

    Jixin He, Debo Chen, Ye Zhan, Chao Liu, Ruichen Liu

    Article ID: 4687
    743  (Abstract) 238  (Download)


    There are rich oil and gas resources in Alberta oil sand mining area in Canada. In the 1960s, the Canadian government decided to increase the mining intensity. However, the exploitation will bring many adverse effects. In recent years, more people pay attention to the environmental protection and ecological restoration of mining areas, such as issues... More

  • Geotechnical Risk Assessment and Geological Origin of Building Fracturation in Agadez City (North Niger)

    Baraou Idi Souley, Abdoulwahid Sani, Abdoul Wahab Djibo Maïga, Moussa Konaté

    Article ID: 4697
    421  (Abstract) 102  (Download)


    The Agadez city is built on the faulted and fractured sandstone formation of the “Agadez Sandstones”, which was deposited in unconformity on the Precambrian basement of the Aïr Mountain. The present study focuses on the geotechnical risk assessment and geological origin of building fracturation in Agadez city. A methodological approach integrating measurement of fractures planes... More

  • Stormwater Quality Characteristics and Reuse Analysis of Different Underlying Surfaces at Wanzhou North Station

    Shaochun Yuan, Ting Li, Qingwei Yang, Shun You, Tao He, Bo Lv

    Article ID: 4795
    207  (Abstract) 68  (Download)


    In response to the water shortage in Wanzhou North Station (WNS), the authors investigated the stormwater quality characteristics with different underlying surfaces of WNS and carried out stormwater reuse analysis in conjunction with the InfoWorks ICM model. The results show that during heavy, torrential, and moderate rainfall, the road stormwater runoff has the highest concentrations... More

  • Projected Rainfall Intensity Duration Frequency Relationships under Climate Change: A Case Study of Thane City

    S. S. Pujari, A. S. Wayal

    Article ID: 4995
    275  (Abstract) 97  (Download)


    Climate change is the most important factor to increase in short-duration high-intensity rainfall and consequent flooding. Intensity-Duration Frequency (IDF) curves are commonly used tools in Stormwater design, so a method to derive future IDF curves including climate change effects could be necessary for mainstreaming climate change information into storm water planning. The objective of the... More