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Journal of Environmental & Earth Sciences

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Vol. 6 , Iss. 1 (April 2024)

  • Article

    About Some Aspects of Use of Optical Sensors for Monitoring the Aquatic Environment

    Ferdenant Mkrtchyan, Vladimiir Soldatov, Maxim Mkrtchyan

    Article ID: 6006    DOI:
    499  (Abstract) 422  (Download)


    Multi-channel polarization optical technology is increasingly used for prompt monitoring of water systems. Optical devices during the assessment of water quality determine the intensity of light through the studied aquatic environment. Spectrophotometric devices measure the spectrum of weakening of light through the aquatic environment. Spectroellipsometric devices receive spectra in vertical and horizontal polarizations. The presented... More

  • Article

    Exploring Variability in Sea Level at a Tide Gauge Station through Control Charts

    H. Bâki İz

    Article ID: 5983    DOI:
    288  (Abstract) 186  (Download)


    Monitoring temporal changes in sea level is important in assessing coastal risk. Sea level anomalies at a tide gauge station, if kinematically conceived, include systematic variations such as trend, acceleration, periodic oscillations, and random disturbances. Among them, the non-stationary nature of the random sea level variations of known or unknown origin at coastal regions has been long recognized... More

  • Article (This article belongs to the Topical Collection "Greening Regional Development: Innovative Approaches to Environmental Sustainability")

    Irrigation and Thermal Buffering Using Mathematical Modeling

    Yara Yasser Elborolosy, Harsho Sanyal, Joseph Cataldo

    Article ID: 5959    DOI:
    191  (Abstract) 112  (Download)


    Two methods of irrigation, drip, and sprinkler were studied to determine the response of the Javits green roof to irrigation. The control study was dry unirrigated plots. Drip irrigation consisted of irrigation tubes running through the green roof that would water the soil throughout and sprinkler irrigation used a sprinkler system to irrigate the green roof... More

  • Review

    Nature-based Natural-hazard Preparedness: A Cross Section of Categorized Examples

    Kyoo-Man Ha

    Article ID: 5995    DOI:
    212  (Abstract) 105  (Download)


    Despite prevailing interests, no rigorous research has been conducted to examine the role of nature in natural-hazard preparedness. This systematic review aimed to describe how nature can reduce the impacts of natural hazards during the preparedness stage. The study focuses on the land, water, and air systems and on three types of stakeholders: international organizations, developed... More

  • Article (This article belongs to the Topical Collection "Challenges in Smart Monitoring and Modeling of Hydrological and Urban Water Systems")

    Stochastic Analysis and Modeling of Velocity Observations in Turbulent Flows

    Evangelos Rozos, Jorge Leandro, Demetris Koutsoyiannis

    Article ID: 6109    DOI:
    204  (Abstract) 110  (Download)


    Highly turbulent water flows, often encountered near human constructions like bridge piers, spillways, and weirs, display intricate dynamics characterized by the formation of eddies and vortices. These formations, varying in sizes and lifespans, significantly influence the distribution of fluid velocities within the flow. Subsequently, the rapid velocity fluctuations in highly turbulent flows lead to elevated... More

  • Review

    Effect of No Tillage and Conventional Tillage on Wheat Grain Yield Variability: A Review

    Kenza Kadiri Hassani, Rachid Moussadek, Bouamar Baghdad, Abdelmjid Zouahri, Houria Dakak, Hassnae Maher, Abdelhak Bouabdli

    Article ID: 6172    DOI:
    261  (Abstract) 130  (Download)


    Conservation Agriculture (CA) covers more than 205 million hectares in the world. This made it possible to face and mitigate the challenges of climate change, reducing soil erosion and providing multiple ecosystem services. The first elementary factor influenced is the yield evaluation. It has a direct effect on farmers' choices for sustainable production. The present... More

  • Case Report

    Environmental Impact Assessment of Onshore Wind Farms in the Region of Central Greece Using a Modified RIAM Method

    Olga Korozi, Dimitra G. Vagiona

    Article ID: 6173    DOI:
    174  (Abstract) 88  (Download)


    Wind energy is one of the most basic forms of renewable energy, which shows an increasing rate of development worldwide and also at the European level. However, this rapid deployment of wind farms makes the need for an impact assessment of this type of projects on the natural and man-made environment imperative. The present paper... More