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Journal of Environmental & Earth Sciences

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Vol. 3 , Iss. 2 (October 2021)


  • Geochemical Trends in Weathering Profiles and Their Underlying Precambrian Basement Rocks in Akure, Southwestern Nigeria

    Oluwatoyin O. Akinola, Olusola A. Ola Olorun

    Article ID: 3308
    658  (Abstract) 126  (Download)


    Akure area in southwestern Nigeria falls within the basement complex underlain by migmatite, quartzite granite and charnockite. Geochemical features of these crystalline rocks and their overlying in-situ weathering profiles are investigated and reported. Analytical result from ICP-MS facility at the University of Malaya reveals average SiO2 content in quartzite (91.1%), granite (73.8%), migmatite (67.4%) and charnockite... More

  • Urbanisation Footprints and the Distribution of Air Quality in Nairobi City, Kenya

    Maurice O Oyugi

    Article ID: 3289
    535  (Abstract) 82  (Download)


    Various postulations on the relationship between urban morphology and air quality are qualitative. This fails to establish the strength of the contributions of each morphological parameter in the spatial distribution of the air quality. It is this gap in knowledge that this study sought to fill by modelling the correlation existing between the urban morphological... More

  • Assessment of Rainwater and Groundwater Quality in Izombe Town, Oguta Local Government Area of Imo State

    S. I. Akopunwanne, E. T. Oparaocha, C. D. Onwuka

    Article ID: 3582
    479  (Abstract) 91  (Download)


    Rainwater and groundwater quality in Izombe were assessed. Five water samples were collected from five (5) different locations, with at least one location from one of the four autonomous communities in Izombe, Oguta L.G.A of Imo State. The physicochemical and microbial parameters of rainwater and groundwater samples from Umuakpa, Ndeuloukwu, Ugbele, Ndioko, and Orsu were... More

  • Efficacy of Acid-treated Sawdust in Decolourization of Tanning Wastewater

    M. Alhassan, M. Suleiman, A. A. Isah, A. G. Abdulrashid, Y. Nasiru, A. Bello

    Article ID: 3699
    480  (Abstract) 68  (Download)


    Colour removal from dye-bearing effluent is a serious challenge due to the difficulty in treating such wastewater by conventional treatment methods. The present investigation explores the decolourization of contaminated wastewater using acid-activated sawdust as an adsorbent. The physicochemical properties of wastewater samples labelled A, B, and C vizaverage temperature; pH; electrical conductivity; and total dissolved... More

  • A Comparative Study of Groundwater between Geological Groups of Southern Benue Trough, Nigeria Using Modelling Approach

    Moses Oghenenyoreme Eyankware, Philip Njoku Obasi, Christoper Ogwah

    Article ID: 3694
    474  (Abstract) 55  (Download)


    Groundwater studies were carried out between two geological groups to evaluate factors that influences groundwater geochemistry. To achieve this, 30 groundwater samples were collected. Parameters such as pH, Electrical Conductivity (Ec), Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), Total Hardness (TH), and hydrochemical characteristics (Na2+, K+ , Ca2+, Mg2+, HCO3¯, NO3¯, Cl¯, CO23¯, and SO42¯) of groundwater were... More


  • Environmental Problem Analysis and Policy Recommendations on Pacific Northwest Salmon

    Jingjing Tao

    Article ID: 3284
    544  (Abstract) 103  (Download)


    Environmental issues are becoming hot topics nowadays. As the steps of industrialization and urbanization expand, the conflict between economic development and environmental protection appears to intensify and catch people’s eyes more frequently, from the disappearing Amazon rainforest to the pollution of Mississippi River. Over the past few months, the news of one species, salmon, dying... More

  • Sequential Damming Induced Winter Season Flash Flood in Uttarakhand Province of India

    Piyoosh Rautela, Sushil Khanduri, Surabhi Kundalia, Girish Chandra Joshi, Rahul Jugran

    Article ID: 3069
    2291  (Abstract) 77  (Download)

    Abstract: 204 persons were killed while two hydropower projects located in close proximity at Rishiganga (13.2 MW), and Tapoban (520 MW) were damaged in Dhauliganga flood of February 7, 2021 in the Indian Himalaya. This incidence occurred during the winter season when the discharge of the glacier fed rivers is minimal, and no rain was experienced... More