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Journal of Electronic & Information Systems

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Vol. 1 , Iss. 1 (April 2019)

  • Editorial

    A Foreword from the Editor-in-Chief

    Chin-Ling Chen

    Article ID: 1336    DOI:
    290  (Abstract) 55  (Download)


    Due to the advancement of information technology, Journal of Electronic & Information Systems aims to discover innovative methods, theories and studies in its field by publishing original articles, case studies and comprehensive reviews. Journal of Electronic & Information Systems provides a wide range of readers and authors. A good communication platform, in the expectation,... More

  • Article

    Measurement for Phase Difference Rate without Phase Ambiguity

    Yu Tao

    Article ID: 579    DOI:
    306  (Abstract) 100  (Download)


    Firstly, the direction finding solution at the midpoint of a single base array is given for the purpose of this paper and the several functions relation between phase and frequency is also described. Then, the expression of phase difference rate is described based on the multichannel phase difference measurement. With stripping time difference item correspond... More

  • Article

    A Novel Image Encryption Scheme Based on Reversible Cellular Automata

    AliMohammad Latif, zeinab mehrnahad

    Article ID: 1078    DOI:
    385  (Abstract) 101  (Download)


    In this paper, a new scheme for image encryption is presented by reversible cellular automata. The presented scheme is applied in three individual steps. Firstly, the image is blocked and the pixels are substituted by a reversible cellular automaton. Then, image pixels are scrambled by an elementary cellular automata and finally the blocks are attached and... More

  • Article

    Computation Offloading and Scheduling in Edge-Fog Cloud Computing

    Dadmehr Rahbari, Mohsen Nickray

    Article ID: 1135    DOI:
    6561  (Abstract) 231  (Download)


    Resource allocation and task scheduling in the Cloud environment faces many challenges, such as time delay, energy consumption, and security. Also, executing computation tasks of mobile applications on mobile devices (MDs) requires a lot of resources, so they can offload to the Cloud. But Cloud is far from MDs and has challenges as high delay... More

  • Article

    Development of IoT Based Mobile Robot for Automated Guided Vehicle Application

    Kamarulzaman Kamarudin

    Article ID: 1061    DOI:
    478  (Abstract) 138  (Download)


    Mobile robot has been one of the researches focuses in this era due to the demands in automation. Many industry players have been using mobile robot in their industrial plant for the purpose of reducing manual labour as well as ensuring more efficient and systematic process. The mobile robot for industrial usage is typically called... More