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Journal of Electronic & Information Systems

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Vol. 1 , Iss. 2 (October 2019)


  • Empirical Wavelet Transform; Stationary and Nonstationary Signals

    Hesam Akbari, Sedigheh Ghofrani

    Article ID: 1008
    402  (Abstract) 62  (Download)


    Signal decomposition into the frequency components is one of the oldest challenges in the digital signal processing. In early nineteenth century, Fourier transform (FT) showed that any applicable signal can be decomposed by unlimited sinusoids. However, the relationship between time and frequency is lost under using FT. According to many researches for appropriate time-frequency... More

  • Increase the Quality of Life through the Development of Automation

    Anoushe Arab

    Article ID: 1367
    207  (Abstract) 33  (Download)


    This paper discusses needs for the automation of the underdevelopment communities. The novelty of this research is the link between production of microprocessors and increasing of the life quality. This study highlights the importance of efficient and economic architecture of logical circuits for the automation.  The aim of this research is to produce a logical... More

  • The Experimental WSN Network for Underground Monitoring H2 Abundance in the Mine Atmosphere Karnasurt Mine Lovozero Layered Alkaline Intrusion

    Alex Michailovic Asavin, Puha V. V., Baskakov S. S., Chesalova E. I., Litvinov A. V.

    Article ID: 1656
    181  (Abstract) 20  (Download)


    We have developed specialized equipment based on mini-MDM hydrogen sensors and the WSN telecommunication technology for long-term monitoring of hydrogen content in the environment. Unlike existing methods, the developed equipment makes it possible to carry out measurements directly in the explosion zone with high discreteness in time. This equipment was tested at a large... More

  • Three Median Relations of Target Azimuth in one Dimensional Equidistant Double Array

    Yu Tao

    Article ID: 1771
    172  (Abstract) 17  (Download)


     Before this paper, the authors have obtained the tangent median relation by using the trigonometric function equation. In this paper, on the basis of the linear positioning solution of one-dimensional equidistant double-base linear array, by proper approximate treatment of the strict solution, and by using the direction finding solution of single base path difference, the sinusoidal... More