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Journal of Electronic & Information Systems

ISSN: 2661-3204 (Online)

Vol. 4 , Iss. 2 (October 2022): Special Issue


  • New Approach to Observer-Based Finite-Time H∞ Control of Discrete-Time One-Sided Lipschitz Systems with Uncertainties

    Xinyue Tang, Yali Dong, Meng Liu

    Article ID: 4684
    141  (Abstract) 29  (Download)

    This paper investigates the finite-time H∞ control problem for a class of nonlinear discrete-time one-sided Lipschitz systems with uncertainties. Using the one-sided Lipschitz and quadratically inner-bounded conditions, the authors derive less conservative criterion for the controller design and observer design. A new criterion is proposed to ensure the closedloop system is finite-time bounded (FTB). The...

  • Monitoring Heart Rate Variability Based on Self-powered ECG Sensor Tag

    Nhat Minh Tran, Ngoc-Giao Pham, Thang Viet Tran

    Article ID: 5225
    71  (Abstract) 23  (Download)
    This paper proposes a batteryless sensing and computational device to collect and process electrocardiography (ECG) signals for monitoring heart rate variability (HRV). The proposed system comprises of a passive UHF radio frequency identification (RFID) tag, an extreme low power microcontroller, a low-power ECG circuit, and a radio frequency (RF) energy harvester. The microcontroller and ECG...
  • Deploying a Deep Learning-based Application for an Efficient Thermal Energy Storage Air-Conditioning (TES-AC) System: Design Guidelines

    Mirza Rayana Sanzana, Mostafa Osama Mostafa Abdulrazic, Jing Ying Wong, Chun-Chieh Yip

    Article ID: 5211
    55  (Abstract) 15  (Download)

    Facility management and maintenance of the Thermal-Energy-Storage AirConditioning (TES-AC) system is a tedious task at a large scale mainly due to the charging load that can increase energy consumption if needed to be charged at peak hours. Besides, maintenance of TES-AC at a large scale gets complex as it contains many sensor data. By...