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Journal of Mechanical Materials and Mechanics Research

ISSN: 2810-935X (Online)

Vol. 5 , Iss. 2 (September 2022)


  • Thermo-Mechanical Analysis of a Typical Vehicle Engine Using PTC-Creo

    Jafar Mahmoudi

    Article ID: 4600
    99  (Abstract) 16  (Download)

    In this work, a typical vehicle engine is modeled within PTC-Creo software, and its thermal, mechanical, and thermo-mechanical performance are evaluated. This is followed by the vibrational, fatigue, and buckling analysis of the assembly of components, which are the predominant failure causes. The results show that the least temperature gradient occurs in the center...

  • Thermomechanical and Flow Analysis of a Typical Truck Radiator Using PTC-Creo

    Jafar Mahmoudi

    Article ID: 4601
    82  (Abstract) 10  (Download)

    In automobile engines, it is commonly known that the proper removal of the excess heat, resulted from internal combustion, is of high significance in the prevention of numerous negative consequences. In this regard, the radiator has a pivotal role as the main component of the engine’s cooling system. Hence, its design and analysis are highly...

  • Thermo-Mechanical Modeling of High-Strength Concrete Column Subjected to Moderate Case Heating Scenario in a Fire

    Tarek Eltalhi, Awad S. Bodalal, Farag M. Shuaeib, Vail Karakale

    Article ID: 4819
    68  (Abstract) 5  (Download)
    This paper presents a numerically developed computer model to simulatethe thermal behavior and evaluate the mechanical performance of a fixedend loaded loaded High Strength Concrete Column (HSCC), subjectedto Moderate Case Heating Scenario (MCHS), in a hydrocarbon fire. Thetemperature distribution within the mid-height cross-sectional area of thecolumn was obtained to determine the thermal and mechanical responsesas...