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Journal of Mechanical Materials and Mechanics Research

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Vol. 6 , Iss. 1 (March 2023)


  • Design and Implementation of a Control System to Mitigate Osteonecrosis in Orthopedic Bone Drilling Procedures

    Kadir Gok, Yasin Kisioglu, Arif Gök

    Article ID: 5435
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    The drilling process in orthopedic surgery can sometimes lead to an undesired increase in temperature, which can cause serious damage to bones and soft tissues. This overheating is typically identified as a temperature above 47°C, known as the critical limit, and can result in the condition known as osteonecrosis. A previous study [

  • Smart elevator systems

    Kheir Al-Kodmany

    Article ID: 5503
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    Effective vertical mobility is a crucial element in the design and construction of tall buildings. This paper reviews recent “smart” developments in elevator technologies and analyzes how they affect the construction and operation of tall buildings. In an approachable and non-technical discourse, it maps out, arranges, and compiles complicated and dispersed information on various elements...

  • Numerical solution for Thermal Elastohydrodynamic Lubrication of Line Contact withCouple stress Fluid asLubricant

    Vishwanath B. Awati, Mahesh Kumar N, N. M. Bujurke

    Article ID: 5396
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    In this paper, the detail analysis of the influence of thermal and non-Newtonian aspects of lubricant (couple stress fluid) on EHL line contact as a function of slide-roll ratio is presented. The novel low complexity FAS(Full approximation scheme), of  Multigrid scheme, with Jacobi dipole and Gauss Seidel relaxationis used for the solution of coupled...

  • The Correlation of Gyroscope Axial Velocities

    Ryspek Usubamatov

    Article ID: 5509
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    In engineering, all movable expanse revolving objects manifest gyroscopic effects. These effects are created by the action of the outer load on the revolving items whose rotating mass originates eight inertial torques about two axes. Two torques of centrifugal forces, one torque of the Coriolis force originated by the rotating distributed mass, and the torque...

  • Estimation and Analysis of Structural Responses of Asphalt Pavement Using Interlayer Contact Bonding Model

    Xuntao Wang, Hu Wang

    Article ID: 5288
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    Interlayer contact condition of asphalt pavement has a significant impact on stress transfer and energy dissipation with adjacent layers, so a model considering with the bonding condition of adjacent layers is introduced for evaluating structural response of asphalt pavement. The pavement structure, the material characterization with temperature, the interlayer contact...