SDWAN (Software Defined-WAN) Network Engineering and Project Management


  • Anshuman Awasthi Engineering, Restoration Hardware



Many organizations are struggling to provide high bandwidth and reliableinternet connectivity at their branch offices and business locations andgetting the most out of their operational expense. The need for internet connectivity at any branch offices and business locations is not a luxury anymore but is a necessity. Let us try to understand how to plan and documentthe SDWAN (Software Defined- Wide Area Network) implementation in anorganization. We will try to understand why it is essential to implement thenew technology instead of investing in the existing MPLS (Multi-Protocollabel switching) by taking an example of a retail organization. Methods:This project/research was performed using the abilities of Software DefinedNetwork Technology and options available in MPLS (Multi-Protocol LabelSwitching). The Technical Project management principles were adopted asper PMI (Project Management Institute) waterfall methodology. Results/Conclusion: SDWAN technology provides an effective replacement ofMPLS network connection for providing WAN connectivity for our officelocations. It is essential to follow a documented process for appropriatevendor selection based on the available features and other listed attributesin the article. To be successful in the implementation it is essential to perform a POC (Proof of Concept) in a controlled environment and validateresults. SDWAN provides better network performance and improves reliability as the links operate in active-active function.


Network engineering; SDWAN implementation; ROI analysis; Technical project management; MPLS replacement


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