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Semiconductor Science and Information Devices

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Vol. 2 , Iss. 2 (October 2020)

  • Article

    Nonlinear Vibration Analysis of an Electrostatically Actuated Microbeam using Differential Transformation Method

    M. G. Sobamowo, A A. Yinusa, O. A. Adesina, O. M. Oyekeye

    Article ID: 1887    DOI:
    221  (Abstract) 97  (Download)


    In this paper, nonlinear vibration of electrostatically actuated microbeam is analyzed using differential transformation method.The high level of accuracy of the analytical solutions of the method was established through comparison of the results of the solutions of exact analytical method, variational approach, homotopy analysis method and energy balance methods. Also,with the aid of the present analytical solution, the... More

  • Review

    Machine Learning: A Review

    Isonkobong Christopher Udousoro

    Article ID: 1931    DOI:
    19962  (Abstract) 284  (Download)


    Due to the complexity of data, interpretation of pattern or extraction of information becomes difficult; therefore application of machine learning is used to teach machines how to handle data more efficiently. With the increase of datasets, various organizations now apply machine learning applications and algorithms. Many industries apply machine learning to extract relevant information for analysis purposes. Many scholars, mathematicians and programmers have... More

  • Article

    A Study on Thermal Performance of Palladium as Material for Passive Heat Transfer Enhancement Devices in Thermal and Electronics Systems

    M. G. Sobamowo, S. A. Ibrahim, M. O. Salami

    Article ID: 2381    DOI:
    277  (Abstract) 94  (Download)


    In this work, the thermal behavior of fin made of palladium material under the influences of thermal radiation and internal heat generation is investigated. The thermal model for the extended surface made of palladium as the fin material is first developed and solved numerically using finite difference method. The influences of the thermal model parameters on the heat transfer behaviour of... More

  • Review

    Cybersecurity and Cyber Forensics: Machine Learning Approach Systematic Review

    Ibrahim Goni, Jerome M. Gumpy, Timothy U. Maigari, Murtala Mohammad

    Article ID: 2495    DOI:
    419  (Abstract) 163  (Download)


    The proliferation of cloud computing and internet of things has led to the connectivity of states and nations (developed and developing countries) worldwide in which global network provide platform for the connection.Digital forensics is a field of computer security that uses software applications and standard guidelines which support the extraction of evidences from any computer appliances which is perfectly enough for... More

  • Article

    Assessing the Effectiveness of Adhoc-Network and Electronic Government in Abuja, Nigeria

    Ibrahim Goni, Abdulrahman Saidu, Umar Maigari T., Murtala Mohammad

    Article ID: 2496    DOI:
    243  (Abstract) 106  (Download)


    E-Government is the use of information and communication Technologies (ICT) such as internet, smart phones,telecommunication, mobile company among others to interact between government and the citizens in running the affairs of the country such as decision making etc. The impact and potential of ICTs have not been fully exploited in the Nigerian context,leaving government in a weak position to formulate policy comprehensively... More