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Semiconductor Science and Information Devices

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Vol. 3 , Iss. 2 (October 2021)



  • Extracting Cryptographic Keys from .NET Applications

    Shaun Mc Brearty, William Farrelly, Kevin Curran

    Article ID: 3347
    357  (Abstract) 131  (Download)


    In the absence of specialized encryption hardware,cryptographic operations must be performed in main memory.As such,it is common place for cyber criminals to examine the content of main memory with a view to retrieving high-value data in plaintext form and/or the associated decryption key.In this paper,the author presents a number of simple methods for identifying and... More

  • Cladding Modified Fiber Bragg Grating for Copper Ions Detection

    Husam Abduldaem Mohammed, Aqiel Almamori, Ali A. Alwahib

    Article ID: 3749
    238  (Abstract) 78  (Download)


    This paper reports a fiber Bragg grating (FBG) as a biosensor. The FBGs were etched using a chemical agent,namely,hydrofluoric acid (HF). This implies the removal of some part of the cladding layer. Consequently, the evanescent field propagating out of the core will be closer to the environment and become more sensitive to the change in the surrounding. The proposed... More

  • Measurement Analysis of Specific Absorption Rate in Human Body Exposed to a Base Station Antenna by Using Finite Difference Time Domain Techniques

    Hla Myo Tun, Khin Kyu Kyu Win, Zaw Min Naing, Devasis Pradhan, Prasanna Kumar Sahu

    Article ID: 3861
    264  (Abstract) 97  (Download)


    The system analysis of specific absorption rate (SAR) in human body exposed to a base station antenna by using finite difference time domain techniques was presented in this research works. The objectives of this work are to evaluate the knowledge and awareness about SAR among human body and mobile base station. The paper investigates... More

  • Production of green hydrogen by efficient and economic electrolysis of water with super-alloy nanowire type electrocatalysts

    Linsheng Wang

    Article ID: 4154
    567  (Abstract) 81  (Download)


    Green hydrogen production from the electrolysis of water has good appli
    cation prospect due to its renewability. The applied voltage of 1.6-2.2V is
    required in the traditional actual water electrolysis process although the the oretical decomposition potential of electrolyzing water is 1.23V. The high overpotential in the electrode reaction results in the high energy-consuming for the water... More