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Semiconductor Science and Information Devices

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Vol. 3 , Iss. 1 (April 2021)


  • Artificial Intelligence Technique and Wireless Sensor Networks in Energy Management System for Secure Power Optimization

    Ayuba John, Abdulazeez Yusuf, Abdulhamid Ardo

    Article ID: 3060
    247  (Abstract) 53  (Download)


    The modern basic building blocks of a control system consist of data acquisition, dispensation of data by the system operators and the remote control of system devices. However, the physical controls, technical examinations and deductions were originally implemented to aid the process and control of power system design. The complexity of the power system keeps increasing due the technical improvements,... More

  • The Role of Blockchain in Cyber Security

    Dylan Rafferty, Kevin Curran

    Article ID: 3153
    384  (Abstract) 99  (Download)


    Cyber security breaches are on the rise globally. Due to the introduction of legislation like the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR),companies are now subject to further financial penalties if they fail to meet requirements in protecting user information. In 2018, 75% of CEOs and board members considered cyber security and technology acquisitions among... More

  • The Role of Multi-factor Authentication for Modern Day Security

    Joseph Williamson, Kevin Curran

    Article ID: 3152
    423  (Abstract) 139  (Download)


    Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) often referred to as Two-factor Authentication (2FA), which is a subset of MFA, is the practice of implementing additional security methods on top of a standard username and password to help authenticate the identity of a user and increase the security of data.This chapter will investigate the problem with username and password... More

  • Security Vulnerabilities in Microprocessors

    Benjamin Ashby Smith, Kevin Curran

    Article ID: 3151
    378  (Abstract) 51  (Download)

    Abstract: Microprocessors such as those found in PCs and smartphones are complex in their design and nature. In recent years, an increasing number of security vulnerabilities have been found within these microprocessors that can leak sensitive user data and information. This report will investigate microarchitecture vulnerabilities focusing on the Spectre and Meltdown exploits and will look... More

  • Digital Portable Weather Station Monitoring System Using Arduino Uno

    Bibek Dhungana, Mahesh Sharma, Rajesh Shrestha

    Article ID: 3137
    293  (Abstract) 124  (Download)


    The temperature,humidity,atmospheric pressure and altitude are the most important parameters of the environment.If those parameters are known,it will help to select the best crops for specific location which increases the productivity in agricultural field.This is very useful for countries like Nepal where the most of people in this country depends on agriculture.In this research,an Arduino... More

  • Designing of the Wireless Digital Portable Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Device and Analyzing Data at Different Part of Kathmandu Valley

    Sabina Bogati, Mahesh Sharma, Rajesh Shrestha

    Article ID: 3138
    244  (Abstract) 37  (Download)


    The atmosphere of planet plays a great role in numerous weather phenomena which affects our life directly. To understand these phenomena, it requires knowledge about the relation between temperature and humidity.The effects of temperature on humidity influence the potential for precipitation. It also directly influences the human health and well-being. Relative humidity and dew point... More