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Semiconductor Science and Information Devices

ISSN: 2661-3212 (Online)

Vol. 4 , Iss. 2 (October 2022)


  • Convection Heat Transfer from Heated Thin Cylinders Inside a Ventilated Enclosure

    Ali Riaz, Adnan Ibrahim, Muhammad Sohail Bashir, Muhammad Abdullah, Ajmal Shah, Abdul Quddus

    Article ID: 4719
    256  (Abstract) 80  (Download)


    Experimental study was conducted to determine the effect of velocity of axial fan, outlet vent height, position, area, and aspect ratio (h/w) of ventilated enclosure on convection heat transfer. Rectangular wooden ventilated enclosure having top and front transparent wall was made up of Perspex for visualization, and internal physical dimensions of box were 200 mm × 200 mm × 400 mm. Inlet vent... More

  • Experimentation on Optimal Configuration and Size of Thin Cylinders in Natural Convection

    Ali Riaz, Adnan Ibrahim, Muhammad Sohail Bashir, Masroor Asghar, Muhammad Abdullah, Ajmal Shah

    Article ID: 4720
    120  (Abstract) 67  (Download)


    In this paper, an experimental study of laminar, steady state natural convection heat transfer from heated thin cylinders in an infinite air medium has been reported. Two electrically heated cylinders having the same slenderness ratio (L/D) i.e. 6.1 but different diameters i.e. 3.8 cm and 5.08 cm were used. 105 experiments were carried out to... More

  • Electronic Structure of CdS Nanoparticles and CdSe/CdS Nanosystems

    V. Zavodinsky, O. Gorkusha, A. Kuz'menko

    Article ID: 4708
    95  (Abstract) 69  (Download)


    The electronic states of “wurtzite” CdS nanoparticles and CdSe/CdS nanosystems with up to 80 pairs of Cd-Se or CdS atoms were calculated.The results for CdS particles were compared with the results obtained earlier for CdSe particles of the same size and with published calculations of other authors. The calculated gap values in the range of... More

  • Air Pollution Monitoring System Using Micro Controller Atmega 32A and MQ135 Gas Sensor at Chandragiri Municipality of Kathmandu City

    Rajesh Shrestha, Manik Maharjan, Mahesh Sharma

    Article ID: 4884
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    Air is one of the essential elements of human’s surroundings. The earth’s atmosphere is full of air which contains gases such as Nitrogen, Oxygen, Carbon Monoxide and traces of some rare elements. But quality of the air has been degrading for some decades due to various activities conducted by the human beings that directly or... More


  • Signal and Power Integrity Challenges for High Density System-on-Package

    Nathan Totorica, Feng Li

    Article ID: 4475
    231  (Abstract) 82  (Download)

    Abstract: As the increasing desire for more compact, portable devices outpaces Moore’s law, innovation in packaging and system design has played a significant role in the continued miniaturization of electronic systems.Integrating more active and passive components into the package itself, as the case for system-on-package (SoP), has shown very promising results in overall size reduction and... More