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Semiconductor Science and Information Devices

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Vol. 1 , Iss. 1 (April 2019)



  • The Anneal Temperature Effect on the BTO and NZFO Flims and Their Capacitance - Inductance Integrated Device

    Zhen Zheng, Yuhao Shi, Xinyu Liang, Chunqing Wang

    Article ID: 606
    338  (Abstract) 67  (Download)

    In this paper, a novel capacitor-inductor integrated structure was proposed. The dielectric material BaTiO3 (BTO) and ferromagnetic material Ni0.5Zn0.5Fe2O4 (NZFO) was prepared by sol-gel method. Phase composition and morphology of the thin films were characterized by XRD, SEM and AFM. The effect of annealing temperature on film crystallinity, surface morphology, dielectric properties and ferromagnetism were investigated. When...

  • On-chip Spectrometer Formed by a Multi-stage Structure

    Weiping Wang, Li Jin, Shaoyu Zhao, Zhipeng Hu, Xiaoyan Hu

    Article ID: 648
    315  (Abstract) 17  (Download)

    With apparent size and weight advantages, on-chip spectrometer could be a good choice for the spectrum analysis application which has been widely used in numerous areas such as optical network performance monitoring, materials analysis and medical research. In order to realize the broadband and the high resolution simultaneously, we propose a new on-chip spectrometer structure,...


  • Functional-Material-Based Touch Interfaces for Multidimensional Sensing for Interactive Displays: A Review

    Shuo Gao

    Article ID: 1171
    382  (Abstract) 83  (Download)

    Multidimensional sensing is a highly desired attribute for allowing human-machine interfaces (HMIs) to perceive various types of information from both users and the environment, thus enabling the advancement of various smart electronics/applications, e.g., smartphones and smart cities. Conventional multidimensional sensing is achieved through the integration of multiple discrete sensors, which introduces issues such...

  • A Review of the Building Blocks of Silicon Photonics: From Fabrication Perspective

    Md Jubayer Shawon Shawon, Feng Li

    Article ID: 1282
    785  (Abstract) 99  (Download)

    Silicon photonics is a disruptive semiconductor technology that taps into the extraordinary properties of light while taking full advantage of the already matured CMOS processes developed in the semiconductor industry. However, just like electronic industry in the 1970s, currently, silicon photonics is in its infancy. The fundamental building blocks of silicon photonics such as waveguides,...