Perception and Knowledge on Climate Change: A Case Study of University Students in Bangladesh


  • Bezon Kumar Department of Economics, Rabindra University, Bangladesh
  • Arif Ibne Asad Department of Economics, Varendra University, Bangladesh
  • Borun Chandraaroy Department of Economics, Rabindra University, Bangladesh
  • Purnima Banik Department of Information Science and Library Management, University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh



This paper mainly investigates the perception and knowledge on climate change of the university students in Bangladesh. To carry out this study, primary data are collected from 370 students and uses several statistical methods. Perception and knowledge on the causes, effects and mitigation ways of climate change problems, and perceived duties to combat against climate change are analyzed with descriptive statistics. This paper finds that deforestation is the main cause of global warming and climate change and, the effects of climate change is very serious on people’s health. Majority portion of the students think that it is difficult to combat against climate change problem because it has already been too late to take action. Besides this study also finds that government is crucially responsible for combating against climate change problem. The study calls for government mainly besides industry and youths to aware people about the causes, effects, mitigation ways of climate change so that they can contribute to the sustainable development by mitigating climate change problem.


Climate Change; Sustainable Development; Bangladesh


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