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Journal of Atmospheric Science Research

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Vol. 2 , Iss. 1 (January 2019)


  • Climatology of Energetics of Cyclones over Indian Seas

    Somenath Dutta, Geena Sandhu, Sanjay G Narkhedkar, Sunitha Devi

    Article ID: 266
    504  (Abstract) 83  (Download)

    Abstract: The study discusses the energetic aspects of tropical cyclones formed over Arabian Sea (AS) and Bay of Bengal (BOB) during the period from 1991 till 2013 and aims at bringing out climatology of the energetics of tropical cyclones over Indian Seas. Total 88 cyclones that developed over the Indian Seas during the recent decade of... More

  • Moderate Geomagnetic Storm Condition, WAAS Alerts and real GPS Positioning Quality

    Vladislav Vladimir Demyanov, Xinggang Zhang, Xiaochun Lu

    Article ID: 343
    573  (Abstract) 61  (Download)

    Abstract: The most significant part of the Wade Area Augmentation System (WAAS) integrity data consists of the User Differential Range Error (UDRE) and the Grid Ionospheric Vertical Error (GIVE). WAAS solutions are not completely appropriate to determine the GIVE term within the entire wade area coverage zone taking in account real irregular structure of the ionosphere.... More

  • Cogeneration Potential in the Industrial Sector and Gas Emission Reduction: A Case Study

    Natália de Assis Brasil Webe, Hirdan Katarina de Medeiros Costa

    Article ID: 419
    437  (Abstract) 47  (Download)


    The current paper aims to discuss the potential of sustainable energy management in a decentralized manner by integrating cleaner energy production initiatives using different energy sources as a tool for achieving sustainability. In order to have a robust analysis our methods choose a specific case study based on industrial consumption. In this case, our... More


  • Design Scheme of Electric Lifting Workbench for Maintenance of Aerometer in Observation Field

    Haitao Yan

    Article ID: 443
    409  (Abstract) 49  (Download)


    AbstractThe wind speed and wind direction meter of meteorological station is installed on the wind meter pole 10 meters high from the observation site, which also causes some difficulties for the maintenance of the wind speed and wind direction meter in the later period. Based on this situation, an electric lifting worktable (referred... More

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