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Journal of Atmospheric Science Research

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Vol. 6 , Iss. 1 (January 2023)


  • Monitoring and Quantification of Carbon Dioxide Emissions and Impact of Sea Surface Temperature on Marine Ecosystems as Climate Change Indicators in the Niger Delta Using Geospatial Technology

    Okechukwu Okpobiri, Eteh Desmond Rowand, Francis Emeka Egobueze, Mogo Felicia Chinwe

    Article ID: 5107
    87  (Abstract) 66  (Download)


    The Niger Delta marine environment has experienced a series of environmental disasters since the inception of oil and gas exploration, which can be attributed to climate change. Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and sea surface temperature (T) ties associated with burning fossil fuels, such as gas flaring, vehicular traffic, and marine vessel movement along the sea,... More

  • Ionospheric Currents in the Equatorial and Low Latitudes of Africa

    G. C Emenike, T. N Obiekezie, Vincent N. Ojeh

    Article ID: 5092
    71  (Abstract) 29  (Download)

    Abstract: The magnetometer data obtained for 2008 from geomagnetic stations installed across Africa by magnetic data acquisition set (MAGDAS) have been used to study the ionospheric Sq current system in the equatorial and lowlatitudes of Africa. The aim of this work is to separate the quiet-day feld variations obtained in the equatorial and low latitude regions... More

  • Indoor Air Pollution and Its Determinants in Household Settings in Jaipur, India

    Anukrati Dhabhai, Arun Kumar Sharma, Gaurav Dalela, S.S Mohanty, Ramesh Kumar Huda, Rajnish Gupta

    Article ID: 5284
    296  (Abstract) 104  (Download)


    Individuals spend 90% of their time indoors, primarily at home or at work. Indoor environmental factors have a signifcant impact on human well-being. It was a longitudinal study that assessed the major factors that reduce indoor air quality, namely particulate matter, and bio-aerosols, using low-cost sensors and the settle plate method, respectively also to determine the effect of... More