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Journal of Atmospheric Science Research

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Vol. 3 , Iss. 2 (April 2020)


  • Features of the Three Dimensional Structure in the Pacific Sub-surface Layer in Summer

    Luyuan Chen, Rong Cheng, Feimin Zhang, Kai Yang, Chenghai Wang

    Article ID: 1999
    1021  (Abstract) 42  (Download)


    The anomaly of the summer sea temperature is analyzed by a spatial-temporal synthetically rotated orthogonal function (REOF) at three different depths (0 m, 40 m, and 120 m) over the area 110°E~100°W and 30°S~60°N. The spatial-temporal distribution shows that the “signal” of annual anomaly is stronger in the sub-surface layer than the surface layer, and it is stronger in the eastern... More

  • Planetary Layer Lapse Rate Comparison of Tropical,Montane and Hot Semi-Arid Climates of Nigeria

    David O. Edokpa, Precious N. Ede

    Article ID: 2005
    1003  (Abstract) 41  (Download)

    Abstract: This study assessed the pattern of planetary layer lapse rate across the major climate belts of Nigeria. Six years’ data (2010-2015) for air temperature values between 1000 mbar and 850 mbar atmospheric pressure levels were acquired from Era-Interim Re-analysis data centre. The data was retrieved at 6-hourly synoptic hours: 0000H, 0600H, 1200H and 1800H at... More

  • Understanding the Nexus between Climate Change, the Shift in Land Use toward Cashew Production and Rural Food Security in Ghana; the Experiences of Farmers in the Transition Zone of Ghana

    Victor Adjei, Moses Ackah Anlimachie, Eunice Elorm Ativi

    Article ID: 2010
    749  (Abstract) 65  (Download)


    This study summarises the findings from a study investigating rural small-holding farmers’ experiences on the shift from food crop to cashew in the forest/savanna transitional agro-ecological zone of Ghana and its impact on rural food security. Using a mix method approach, the study sampled the views of 400 farmers from 9 farming communities in... More

  • Global Warming and Its Multiple Causes

    Romdhane Ben Slama

    Article ID: 2013
    572  (Abstract) 74  (Download)


    The global warming which preoccupies humanity, is still considered to be linked to a single cause which is the emission of greenhouse gases, CO2 in particular. In this article, we try to show that, on the one hand, the greenhouse effect (the radiative imprisonment to use the scientific term) took place in conjunction with... More

  • Characterization of PM2.5 Mass Concentration in the Onshore of Sanya, China

    Ping Wang, Chao Han, Youzhi Zhao, Wenci Ding, Zengzeng Li

    Article ID: 2134
    764  (Abstract) 34  (Download)


    Numbers of real-time data (E-BAM) of PM2.5 were collected in the period from Jan 8th 2012 to Jan 1st 2013 at the laboratory of Tropical Ocean University (Sanya, China). The average mass concentration was 19.7 μg/m³. The highest 40.5 μg/m³ in October compared to the lowest 14.1 μg/m³ in July. From a seasonal perspective, the average PM2.5 mass concentration... More