Exploration and Research on Fault Maintenance System of New Generation Weather Radar


  • Haitao Yan Meteorological Bureau of Tai'an, Tai’an, Shandong, 271000, China




In order to improve the standardization, specialization, intelligence and timeliness of the new generation weather radar fault repair, the technical threshold of radar fault repair is greatly reduced, so that the general operators can carry out radar fault repair work. In order to achieve this goal, this paper designs a new generation weather radar fault repair system, which aims to solve two problems: one is to solve the causes and locations of the new generation weather radar faults which can be quickly and accurately detected and diagnosed[1]; the other is to solve the problem that the grass-roots radar operational staff are inexperienced in maintenance and will not be repaired, and to provide visual through the maintenance system. Maintenance methods and steps with expert intelligence level [2], so that general radar operators can operate radar fault repair according to video steps, and have the technical level of maintenance experts, to achieve breakthroughs in technical difficulties of radar fault repair, to achieve both disease detection and treatment effect, to improve the efficiency of the use of new generation weather radar and to achieve modern technical equipment support. Chemistry plays an important role and significance.


New Generation Weather Radar, Fault, Maintenance System, Exploration and Research


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