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Journal of Building Material Science

ISSN: 2630-5216 (Online)

Vol. 2 , Iss. 1 (June 2020)


  • Optimization Model and Pollution Treatment of Sintering Ore Distribution

    Yibo Wang, Hao Yue, Huibo Wang

    Article ID: 2718
    660  (Abstract) 38  (Download)

    sintering process plays an important role in iron and steel smelting process. The subsequent production of blast furnace ironmaking is directly affected by the quality of sinter. Among them, the proportion of raw materials and the advanced degree of sintering process are the two main factors affecting the quality of sinter. Because the control parameters...

  • The Effect of Various Polynaphthalene Sulfonate Based Superplasticizers on the Workability of Reactive Powder Concrete

    Anthony Torres, Federico Aguayo, Srinivas Allena, Michael Ellis

    Article ID: 2731
    1086  (Abstract) 38  (Download)

    A superplasticizer is a type of chemical admixture used to alter the workability (viscosity) of fresh concrete. The workability of fresh concrete is often of particular importance when the water-to-cement (w/c) ratio is low and a particular workability is desired. Reactive Powder Concrete (RPC) is a high-strength concrete formulated to provide compressive strengths exceeding...

  • Concrete Mix Design by IS, ACI and BS Methods: A Comparative Analysis

    Ashish Chhachhia

    Article ID: 2636
    993  (Abstract) 78  (Download)

    Concrete is one of the most consumable construction materials on the earth. The concrete constitutes cement, sand, gravel, water and/or additives in definite proportions. The proportions of raw materials of concrete are decided by the concrete mix design. The mix design depends on the various factors. For mix design, most of the countries have their...