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Journal of Building Material Science

ISSN: 2630-5216 (Online)

Vol. 1 , Iss. 1 (April 2019)


  • Steatite/Epoxy Composites for Restoration Works Through a Statistical Mixture Design Methodology

    Robinson Antonio Aparecido Alves, Julio Cesar dos Santos, Kurt Strecker, Tulio Hallak Panzera, Robson Bruno Dutra Pereira

    Article ID: 546
    725  (Abstract) 40  (Download)

    Currently many works of art made of soapstone and recognized as cultural patrimony of humanity are in an advanced stage of degradation. Hence, it is necessary to interrupt this process and recover the deteriorated parts. Composite materials consisted of steatite particles and epoxy polymer are designed and characterised for their application in the repair of...

  • Retrofitting Steel Moment Frames by Using the Cable Bracing

    Mohammad Naghavi

    Article ID: 786
    245  (Abstract) 70  (Download)
    In this paper, the behavior of retrofitted steel moment frames with bracing has been investigated. Braces include double-channel cross brace, cross braces with cable and brace with two cables passed through a cylindrical steel sheath at the location of the cables. Nonlinear analysis of frames has been carried out under cyclic loading with increasing amplitudes....
  • Numerical Study of the Behavior of Steel Frame with Concentric Buckling Restrained and Conventional Braces

    Mohammad Naghavi, Mohsen Malekinejad

    Article ID: 992
    216  (Abstract) 21  (Download)

    In this paper, a method is proposed to provide a simple model of buckling restrained braces. After introducing the elements, taking into account all parts of buckling restrained braces, a sample of this type of braces is modeled in finite element Abaqus software. After confirming the numerical model using the available laboratory results, which is...

  • Feasibility Study on Use of Plastic Waste as Fine Aggregate in Concrete Mixes

    Sudarshan Dattatraya Kore

    Article ID: 1204
    230  (Abstract) 36  (Download)

    Plastic is used in many forms in day-to-day life. Since Plastic is non-biodegradable, landfills do not provide an environment friendly solution. Hence, there is strong need to utilize waste plastic. This creates a large quantity of garbage every day which is unhealthy and pollutes the...

  • Significance of Stone Waste in Strength Improvement of Soil

    Amit Kumar, Kiran Devi, Maninder Singh, Dharmender Kumar Soni

    Article ID: 1238
    197  (Abstract) 26  (Download)

    The evolution of industries is essential for the economic growth of any country; however, this growth often comes with exploitation of natural resources and generation of wastes. The safe disposal and utilisation of industrial wastes has become essential for sustainable development. A possible approach would be to utilize these wastes in construction industries. The stone...