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Journal of Building Material Science

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Vol. 2 , Iss. 2 (December 2020)


  • Assessing the Ageing Impact on Fatigue Life of Asphalt Concrete

    Saad Issa Sarsam

    Article ID: 2792
    986  (Abstract) 55  (Download)


    The fatigue life of asphalt concrete is often related to environmental condition, loading condition, ageing, material composition and  properties. This work investigates the influence of short and long term ageing of laboratory beam specimens, asphalt content, and testing temperature on fatigue life of asphalt concrete wearing course. Slab samples of (30 x 40x 6) cm... More

  • Efficient Methodology for Design of Industrial Blast Resistant Electrical Substations and Control Buildings

    Osama Bedair

    Article ID: 2906
    744  (Abstract) 83  (Download)


    This paper describes economical strategies to design electrical substations and control buildings that are commonly used at industrial plants. Limited literature addressed design aspects for this class of buildings. Furthermore, little guidelines are available in practice to regulate this type of steel construction.  The first part of the paper overviews the architectural and structural... More

  • Modeling and Simulation of Wood and Fly Ash Behaviour as Partial Replacement for Cement on Flexural Strength of Self Compacting Concrete

    Eluozo S.N., Dimkpa K

    Article ID: 2948
    757  (Abstract) 59  (Download)


    Flexural strength was monitor and predicted on the application improving concrete strength with wood and fly as partial replacement for cement. The study observed the pressure from the constituent of these locally sourced material that has been observed from the study to influence the flexural strength through the effect from this locally sourced addictives,... More


  • Perspective of E-Waste in Concrete: A review

    Kiran Devi, Amit Kumar

    Article ID: 2759
    1000  (Abstract) 92  (Download)

    Abstract: In this digital era, usage of electric and electronic devices has become the need of people. Evolution of technology triggers the adoption of new devices over old and discarded appliances turned into the electronic wastes also termed as e-waste/s. E-waste from any source has become a major concern to the society. The disposal of these... More