Influence of Nanoparticle Shapes of Boehmite Alumina on the Thermal Performance of a Straight Microchannel Printed Circuit Heat Exchanger


  • Élcio Nogueira Department of Mechanic and Energy, State University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil



The efficiency and irreversibility defined based on the second law ofthermodynamics provide a new path for heat exchangers design and makeperformance analysis more straightforward and elegant. The second lawof thermodynamics is applied in a Straight Microchannel Printed Circuitheat exchanger to determine the thermal performance of different shapes ofBoehmite Alumina compared to Al2O3 aluminum oxide. The various formsof non-spherical Boehmite Alumina are characterized dynamically andthermodynamically through dynamic viscosity and thermal conductivity,using empirical coefficients. The non-spherical shape includes platelet,cylindrical, blades, and bricks forms. Graphical results are presented forthermal efficiency, thermal irreversibility, heat transfer rate, and nanofluidexit temperature. The non-spherical shapes of Boehmite Alumina showdifferent thermal characteristics concerning the spherical shape whenthere are variations in fluid flow rates and the nanoparticles fraction.Furthermore, it was theoretically demonstrated that non-spherical particleshave higher heat transfer rates than spherical particles, emphasizingplatelets and cylindrical shapes for the low volume fraction of nanoparticlesand bricks and blades for high volume fraction.


Shapes of nanoparticles, Boehmite alumina, Straight microchannel, Printed circuit heat exchanger (PCHE), Al2O3


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