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Journal of Metallic Material Research

ISSN: 2630-5135 (Online)

Vol. 6 , Iss. 1 (April 2023): In progress


  • Analyzing the Effects of Tool Holder Stiffness on Chatter Vibration Reduction in Turning

    Kadir Gok, Erol Turkes, Özler Karakas, Arif Gök

    Article ID: 5428
    38  (Abstract) 58  (Download)


    This paper investigates the effects of tool holder materials on chatter vibration in turning operations. The study uses a complex dynamic turning model with two degrees of freedom for the orthogonal cutting system. Tool holders made from different materials, including Al 5083, Al 6082, Al 7012, and a standard 4140 material, were subjected to chatter... More

  • Investigation of Erosion Corrosion Caused by Drinking Water in the Faucet with Computational Fluid Dynamics

    Kadir Gok, H. Deniz Ada, Mehmet Erdem, Arif Gök, Kıvanç Topçuoğlu, M. Ali Alkan

    Article ID: 5217
    82  (Abstract) 43  (Download)


    In this study, the reason for erosion-corrosion of drinking or mains water in the faucet was investigated by computational fluid dynamics. Pipes used in homes, the service sector, and industry are responsible for transporting different types of fluids from one place to another. Considering the faucet design, the SolidWorks program was used for 3D studies.... More


  • Bonding, Structure and Uses of Metals

    Peter F. Lang

    Article ID: 5173
    89  (Abstract) 40  (Download)


    This work briefly describes some of the different features of groups of
    metals. It highlights recent progress in research into metals. It details the
    structures and defects in solid metals. The common theories of metals
    including the free electron theory, band theory, the ions in a sea of
    electrons model and the soft sphere model are discussed and their... More