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Journal of Metallic Material Research

ISSN: 2630-5135 (Online)

Vol. 4 , Iss. 2 (October 2021)


  • Surface Tension of GaInSnBiZn Liquid High-entropy Alloy

    Shirong Zhu, Lu Liu, Qiaoli Lin

    Article ID: 4091
    150  (Abstract) 52  (Download)

    Abstract: As an emerging alloy material, high-entropy alloy has potential applications that distinguish it from traditional alloys due to its special physicochemical properties. In this work, a low melting point GaInSnBiZn high-entropy alloy was designed based on Miedema model, and its surface tension was measured by the continuous pendant-drop method. The results show that the intrinsic... More

  • Investigation and Mathematical Modelling of Optimized Cutting Parameters for Surface Roughness of EN-8 Alloy Steel

    Amit Saraswat, Dipak Kumar

    Article ID: 4094
    115  (Abstract) 50  (Download)


    The work done in this work deals with the efficacy of cutting parameters on surface of EN-8 alloy steel. For knowing the optimal effects of cutting parameters response surface methodology was practiced subjected to central composite design matrix. The motive was to introduce an interaction among input parameters, i.e., cutting speed, feed and depth of... More


  • Developing Magnetic Material for Remediation of Aquatic Nitrogen Pollution in Water Facilities

    Guocheng Zhu, Junming Chen

    Article ID: 4231
    136  (Abstract) 59  (Download)


    Natural organic matter affect water environmental security and posed a potential threat to human health, and thus it has long been considered as a key index to evaluate water treatment performance. Dissolved organic nitrogen is one of the NOM, which produces some disinfection byproducts having more toxic than those carbon-based materials. Coagulation is a key... More