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Journal of Metallic Material Research

ISSN: 2630-5135 (Online)

Vol. 3 , Iss. 1 (April 2020)


  • Structure, Adhesion Strength and Corrosion Resistance of Vacuum Arc Multi-Period NbN/Cu Coatings

    Hanna Oleksandrivna Postelnyk, O.V. Sobol, O. Chocholaty, G.I. Zelenskaya

    Article ID: 1364
    450  (Abstract) 48  (Download)

    The influence of deposition modes on the phase-structural state, corrosion resistance, and adhesive strength of vacuum-arc multi-period NbN/Cu coatings is studied. It was found that in thin layers (about 8 nm, in a constant rotation mode), regardless of the change in the pressure of the nitrogen atmosphere, a metastable δ - NbN phase forms (cubic...

  • Effect of Anisotropy, Temperature, Strain Rate on Deep Drawing Using Conical Die

    Ajay Kumar Choubey, C. Sasikumar

    Article ID: 920
    330  (Abstract) 37  (Download)

    This paper covers the role of anisotropy, temperature, and strain rate on the flow behavior of the material when a conical die is used instead of conventional blank holder. The effect of anisotropy was investigated using Lankford’s coefficient (r) in three directions (0°, 45°, and 90°). The effect of working temperatures (Room temperature, 100°C...


  • Research Progress of Superhydrophobic Polymer Composite Coatings for os Magnesium Alloys

    Yufang Luo, Wensheng Fu, Jingjin Tan, Bohan Jiang

    Article ID: 1753
    373  (Abstract) 40  (Download)

    Magnesium (Mg) alloy is the lightest metal material found because of its excellent physical and mechanical properties, specific strength, biocompatibility and biomechanical compatibility, therefore, it has very promising development prospects in aerospace, automobile manufacturing, and biodegradable materials. However, due to the...

  • Convergence Proving of the Theoretical & True Elongation Inequalities by Derivation and Analogy

    Run Xu

    Article ID: 1757
    379  (Abstract) 34  (Download)

    According to LNƐ, theoretical & true elongation of tensile, and by adopting the increasing function of formulas with the derivation and analogy methods, the elongation formula of 0<(1+ε)1/ε<e & 0<ε1/ε<1& four convergences are deduced too when ε >1 and 0<ε<1.The inequalities of LNε <ε and LN(1+ε)<ε and LN(1+ε)> LNε are deduced if ε>1 and 0<ε<1...