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Journal of Metallic Material Research

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Vol. 1 , Iss. 1 (October 2018)


  • Retracted: Combined Effect of Thermal Shock and Hot Corrosion on the Failure of Yttria Stabilized Zirconia Thermal Barrier Coatings

    Changhai Zhou, XueWei Li, Ruiyun Pan

    Article ID: 307
    368  (Abstract) 63  (Download)


    The description of the Retraction:

    Owing to the authors' ignorance, a SEM picture (fig.3(d) in this paper) has been used in another paper (Fig.3(b) in a Chinese Journal). After carefully thinking, the authors decided to withdraw the paper with pity. This decision has been approved by both Editorial Office of JMMR and all... More

  • Study of Deformation of Aluminium Alloy in Equal Channel Angular Matrix with Quasi-small Channels Intersection Angle

    Sergey Nikolaevich Lezhnev, Naizabekov A.B., Arbuz A.S., Panin Е.А., Volokitina I.E., Gaydarenko G.A.

    Article ID: 312
    244  (Abstract) 65  (Download)


    This article is described the various possible schemes of severe plastic deformation, by ECAP process that allows receiving metal with ultrafine-grained structure. The results of computer simulation and TEM investigations of aluminium alloy 6060 were presented. It is shown that the equal-channel angular pressing in the proposed matrix with a quasi-starched channel joint angle 45°... More

  • Effects of Suspension Dispersity and Concentration on Flocculation Efficiency in Static and Dynamic Flocculators

    Nickolaj Nikolayevich Rulyov, Oksana Kravtchenko, Fernando Concha

    Article ID: 411
    284  (Abstract) 44  (Download)


    Flocculation presents one of the most effective methods for enhancing separation of both anthropogenic and natural suspensions by sedimentation, filtration and flotation techniques.The flocculation effectiveness much depends on the medium shear rate in a flocculator. The objective of this research comprises the study how the suspension dispersity and concentration effect the efficiency of... More

  • Metal Swarf and Cutting Fluid Waste Management in Metal Processing Industry

    Nezih Kamil SALİHOĞLU, Zeinab AMIN, Çagla Celikli

    Article ID: 431
    564  (Abstract) 96  (Download)


    Metal swarf is unavoidable material in metal processing industry, also metal swarf treatment lead to cost savings by metal waste reduction and removing the cutting fluid waste, that cause to increasing process stability and metal value. It is interested that in how to recycle metal swarf especially when swarf surrounded by cutting fluid, is considered... More

  • Study on the Tensile and the Fatigue Behavior of Air Plasma Sprayed YSZ TBC Systems

    Dipak Kumar

    Article ID: 452
    326  (Abstract) 75  (Download)


    Thermal barrier coating (TBC) system composing of bond coat, having two different metallic bond coating materials such as NiCoCrAlY and CoNiCrAlY, and top coat, 8YSZ (8 wt%Y2O3-ZrO2) ceramic coating was deposited on aluminum-based alloy by atmoshpheric plasma spray (APS). Fatigue test and tensile test both was performed for TBC sample. The tensile test and fatigue,... More