A Literature Review of the Influence of Social Capital on Commercial Credit


  • Tixiang Zhou School of Economics, Shandong University of Technology, 255000, China
  • Tinghua Liu School of Economics, Shandong University of Technology, 255000, China
  • Fengjuan Kou School of Economics, Shandong University of Technology, 255000, China




As a typical informal system, social capital plays an important supplementary role in China’s economic transition period. Informal finance based on commercial credit plays a role in the economic cycle. However, there is currently a lack of literature to directly examine the impact of social capital on the use of commercial credit by enterprises. This article aims to systematically sort out the theoretical development of social capital on commercial credit, which mainly includes the definition of social capital, its effects, the influencing factors of commercial credit, and the summary of the existing research results of social capital on commercial credit. It is hoped that this literature review will provide guidance for future research.


Social capital; Commercial credit; Informal finance


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