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Macro Management & Public Policies

ISSN: 2661-3360 (Online)

Vol. 2 , Iss. 3 (September 2020)


  • How Positive Ways can Boom Sustainable Development

    Chia-Huei Wu

    Article ID: 2041
    198  (Abstract) 54  (Download)


    This editorial introduces the issue of Macro Management & Public Policies, which focuses on how positive ways can boom sustainable development, how inappropriate policies inhibit the development, or even cause intense problems such as risks of wars. The outcomes show some implicaitons, first of all, management and policies has dual effects. On the one hand, effective management and policies contribute to resource protection, quality enhancement,... More


  • An Analysis of the Legal System for the Protection of Marine Resources in China

    Zhenan Zhang, Lijuan Zhang

    Article ID: 1733
    199  (Abstract) 31  (Download)


    In order to realize the orderly development and rational use of marine resources, construct a new marine economic development model, effectively adjust the relationship between marine resource protection and social production, and promote the legalization and institutionalization of marine resource protection. Based on the reality, this article attempts to explore the ways and means of... More

  • The Relationship between Quality and Efficiency in Business Management

    Run Xu

    Article ID: 1769
    248  (Abstract) 76  (Download)


    Quality and efficiency are the two most important factors for the survival of an enterprise.Quality is essential, then efficiency.Only the quality in the first place, to ensure the efficiency of the implementation.You can imagine when the first step didn't happen.So in the enterprise management should always put the quality in mind, always inspire the concept... More

  • The Existence of Social Movement Organization(SMO) &Comparison of Collective and Connective Action in the Digital Era ---- an Analysis of 15-M Movement in Spain

    Yutong Sun

    Article ID: 1849
    265  (Abstract) 56  (Download)


    Social movement organizations (SMOs) have been performing a significant role in terms of gathering like-minded civil individuals with common interests during social movements. Stepping into the digital era, the social media becomes prevailing in transforming people’s lifestyles. This essay will discuss the 15-M Movement in Spain to explore the transition of SMO’s position from conventional... More


  • The Major Cause of the Collapse of the Versailles System

    Yiran Jiang

    Article ID: 1810
    365  (Abstract) 153  (Download)


    The establishment of the Versailles System was marked with the Paris Peace Conference, which aimed to settle peace for World War I. The peace settlement was an excuse for the allied countries to regain and recover their powers. This, in turn, called for large amount of reparations and punishments on the losing countries. The... More

  • A Discussion for the Protection of the Environnement in the Law of Planification in China

    Li Zhang

    Article ID: 1950
    181  (Abstract) 56  (Download)

    Abstract: This article aims to answer the question that if the law of planification of China, really takes account of the objectives of environmental protection. The answer is based on, first of all, the reform of system of land ownership (direct link of the development of urbanization). This article cracks the problem by two approaches: the... More