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Macro Management & Public Policies

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Vol. 5 , Iss. 2 (June 2023): In Progress


  • Factors Affecting the Entrepreneurial Intention of Students at Tan Trao University

    Hoang Anh Dao, Chu Thanh Mai, Phi Tra My, Phan Huyen Linh, Le Hai Yen

    Article ID: 5628
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    Entrepreneurship is one of the popular choices for students after graduation from higher education. The study focuses on proposing a model to identify the factors affecting the entrepreneurial intention of students at Tan Trao University by researching some typical models in the world. By quantitative research methods based on a survey of 391 students, the... More

  • On the Role of Security in the System of Personal Values: Are Conservatives Prioritizing Security?

    Ingwer Borg

    Article ID: 5603
    16  (Abstract) 19  (Download)


    Security is a value contained in most theories of personal values. Yet, while the relations among the most basic values are clear and reliable, the role of security in the system of values remains ambiguous. People striving for security are often also striving for tradition and conformity but sometimes they are focusing more on other... More

  • Impact of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Factors on Stock Prices and Investment Performance

    Abhinandan Kulal, Abhishek N, Sahana Dinesh, Divyashree M.S.

    Article ID: 5659
    28  (Abstract) 46  (Download)


    This study examines the relationship between Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors and stock prices as well as investment performance. ESG factors have become increasingly relevant in investment decisions as investors prioritize companies with sustainable practices. Using a sample of publicly-traded companies, this research analyzes the impact of ESG factors on stock prices and investment... More


  • VIKOR Method—An Effective Compromising Ranking Technique for Decision Making

    Hamed Taherdoost, Mitra Madanchian

    Article ID: 5578
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    The VIKOR (VlseKriterijumska Optimizacija I Kompromisno Resenje) method, which is a multi-criteria decision-making method, is examined in this paper. The VIKOR method, like other MCDM techniques such as the Technique for Order of Preference by Similarity to Ideal Solution (TOPSIS), is widely used to solve complex decision-making problems in various fields such as engineering, management,... More